Temporarily Shutting Blog Down – Copyright Infringement

Ooops! I violated a lot of copyright laws on my blog over this last year.

I was using images from other websites and citing them thinking that was enough to not get busted. In fact, I am assuming that by me pinging the site I got the image from, that alerted them that I copied their image and promoted them without their permission.

This blog will be back up and running again in the future. Right now I am going to focus on me since I really haven’t done that ever and was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

This is my last post for a while. Im going to get my life in order once again and will be back to deliver some rock solid content packed with value for you in the near future!!

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Lucas J. Robak

Certified Master Practitioner helping you release your negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, allergies, etc) With proven techniques backed by science, you will master your life towards transformational change!

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