Whether or not you have any knowledge of what a good morning routine is, it is most likely that you still are making these three basic mistakes.

There are a lot more than these three, the trick here is to confront your subconscious behavior and consciously change them to develop a routine that productive people have in the mornings.

1. Look at Technology

Most of the population wakes up and looks at some piece of technology within 30 minutes, most likely you look at your phone.

If someone called, texted, emailed, tweeted, snap chatted, etc. you while you were asleep, they have no idea when you wake up in the morning.

So why are you wasting your precious morning hours doing something that could easily be done after your morning routine?  When you wake up, that time is your time.  Stop giving it away to technology.

Since the internet and cell phones came out, the average person grabs their phone instantly and the successful people begin their routine without any piece of technology.

2. Hit the Snooze Button

What a horrible invention! If you set your alarm with the plan on hitting the snooze button, you are interrupting your sleep for no reason.

Start setting your alarm for when you want to wake up, and decide the night before, that when your alarm goes off that you will get out of bed.  You can even put your alarm on the other side of the room so you are up and out of bed.  Simply make the decision to begin your day instead of going back to sleep for those extra 10 minutes.

By getting up and the sound of the alarm, in time, you will start waking up before the alarm even goes off.  If you ever want to give any thing up, quit hitting snooze and wake up at the first sound of the alarm.

3. Just Go

There are people out there who wake up and “Just Go”.  For these people, there is no need for a shower, breakfast or any other successful morning habit.  They are victims of the snooze button.

The best remedy for this is to plan your day out the night before.  Gather your papers, books, bags, and anything else that you need to take along with you the next day.  By doing this, it will ease your mind for a better sleep.

The night before is also the time to plan out what you would like to accomplish in the morning before other people jump in to steal your time away.

Instead of waking up and “going”, you have hours every morning where you can accomplish something for yourself.  Determine what that is and make the time to do it.

What tips can you share with other readers?

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