Have you ever been thinking of something for a while and then get inspired to do that? This happened to me moments ago!

Following Marc Mawhinney with Natural Born Coaches on Facebook and seeing his most recent post, I’m challenging myself to 30 days of blog content creation.

Before I even saw this post, Kathleen Gage has been revving me up. Marc just tipped me over the edge.

Over the next 30 days, I will post an article here about whatever topic I think of at the time. What I’m hoping to gain by doing this is:

1. Self Discipline

I’ve been wanting to start my blog back up for years after getting busted for copyright infringement. I was ignorant about a lot and learned my lesson!

Whether I continue posting daily or go back to one a week, this challenge will help me get back in the groove and continue posting on Thrive Global too. Self discipline of making myself write one short post a day will create a habit of getting back into writing for fun.

2. More Creativity

In Marc Mawhinney’s post, the line that inspired this challenge was, “the best way to grow your content creation muscles is by consistently creating content.”

My plan is to spontaneously create one post a day and then use that content to create more content. That is until I think of something else which is likely.

3. Clarity

By pumping out something creative everyday, there is a higher probability that I’ll become clearer with the direction of this blog and in some other area and aspect of my life.

By getting my ideas out into the world rather than hiding my ideas and content, this mentality of being more transparent will bring clarity as to my overall agenda of being me.

There are many little things you can challenge yourself to do. What is small and easy to do? Start with that and keep movin’ on up!

Until tomorrow!

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