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Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, I admittedly own more books than I have shelf space for. After flying multi-engine airplanes through the clouds in college, today I’m distinguished for big thinking and bold experiments in the art of promoting your expertise using various business, digital marketing, and self-publishing strategies.

As a natural-born leader embodying the gifts of charisma and confidence while Imagineering visions of the future, I love to wisdom share my accumulated knowledge, blast through roadblocks with strategic problem solving, and project authority which draws crowds together behind a common goal.

After unlearning and reprogramming myself for years from my “schooling” years, I finally became the person I wish I had in my life; a practicing expert with integrity and real-world results.

In 2014, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) was delivered to me on a silver platter which empowered and motivated me to bring more value to the world. Instead of learning the horrors that might surpass from one of the most debilitating neurological disorders, I chose to research how to successfully live with it diving headfirst into the health & wellness world. While lying in my comfortable hospital bed, the journey to invest in my own health began leading me to become the organizer for The Wellness Fair within ten months of being diagnosed. The Wellness Fair is a growing community that connects qualified wellness professionals to those who desire natural health and wellness.

Bob Proctor

Before “waking” up to my disability, I was reading a book to a friend’s son and decided that anyone can write a book, especially a children’s book. Simply to prove anyone can become an author, a year later parents began reading my first book to their kids I AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers. My first fun book experiment found its way into International Bestselling Author Bob Proctor’s personal library and is being read to Multi-New York Times Bestselling Author Jack Canfield’s grandson who’s the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Learning some parents were reading it to themselves more than their kids and therapists were using it in their private practice, I published a Master Your Life Quote Workbook Series utilizing inspirational quotes for adults to begin living a life they’re passionate about – not a life they were dictated to live from school teachers.

After proving anyone can become an author, I also self-published 10+ other books including The One Minute AuthorpreneurMaking a Kick-Ass Frozen Pizza From Scratch – and the Amazon #1 bestseller It’s the Worst Book Ever Written.

I also organize collaboration books like the Natural & Organic Healing Book Series. I’m a co-author in The Change You Can Never Go Wrong By Being Kind Manifesting Your Dreams, and many others. This all came to pass because I figured that if one person can do it, anyone can do it!

First International Bestselling Client

For fun one year I helped publish 75 people around the world. This brought me the most joy igniting my newfound passion of sharing actionable tactics from everything I’ve learned about how to create and leverage a book as your greatest marketing asset. After realizing this passion can be turned into a business, in less than six months from our first conversation, my first real client for Authorpreneur Academy became an international bestseller and Amazon #1 New Release.

Since I’m a wisdom sharer, I occasionally conduct workshops, teach classes, speak, became President of The Health & Wellness Network of Commerce Southeast Wisconsin Chapter (HWNCC-SEWI) and organize other events to provide the knowledge necessary for people to begin living a more fulfilled life. You typically can find me attending various networking events, writers groups, seminars, and trainings; both in the audience and on stage.

Through persistence and seeking out mentors, I am a contributor to numerous publications like Addicted 2 Success, Good Men Project, and Arriana Huffington’s new project, Thrive Global. I’m also interviewed on many podcasts and TV shows like The Morning Blend.

Many people tell me I radiate positive energy with a smile that lights up a room. Then there are others who say I’m one of the most inspirational people they know with their own results to prove it. Being decisive, analytical, and task-oriented, I enjoy producing results logically and efficiently. I can’t help myself but to create and lead communities of professionals in an array of industries.

I can help you achieve the results you desire because I know three things; people, creativity, and business. I’m passionate about helping businesses by speaking/consulting at both live and virtual events.

As a selfless giver, I want nothing more than for everyone to reach their desired level of excellence by being the person I wish I had in my life – a practicing expert who actually successfully accomplished it in the real world.


  1. Futuristic – Detailed vision of the future
  2. Input – Loves to wisdom share
  3. Strategic – Easily get around roadblocks
  4. Focus – Get tasks done
  5. Significance – To be seen as an expert

DISC Personality

D/C: Dominant/Cautious

D/C’s are more task oriented than people oriented who enjoy analyzing and solving problems by getting things done logically and efficiently.

D/C’s are: Decisive, Driven, Logical, and Analytical.

Jungian Archetype

The Sage

The Sage is considered “The Wise Old Man” who is distinguished for wisdom and sound judgment. Acts as a mentor or father-type figure by using accumulated knowledge to impress upon people of who they are and who they can become.


ENTJ: “The Commander”

ENTJs are natural-born leaders. People with this personality type embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, and project authority in a way that draws crowds together behind a common goal.

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