First – Don’t make the stupidest decision of your life. Think logically. If you do, the facts instantly prove you’re getting excited to waste 4+ years of your life and $50,000+ you don’t have.


If you truly are stupid enough to actually make the worst mistake in your life like I did, here are my honest tips to sincerely help you!

You can choose from:

  • Ivy League School
  • Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Trade Schools
  • Technical Schools
  • Military Schools

As long as you have a degree, your options will be far more vast than if you do not have one!

Any of the above degrees will pay off 10 fold!

A college education offers 3 major benefits:

1. A college education will enrich your life (lie – YouTube is better)

  • Education gives us the ability to understand and appreciate on a whole new level
    • Music
    • Art
    • Science
    • People
    • Nature
    • Ourselves
  • Primary Purpose is not only to get a good job – a career
    • Build a strong mind which leads to:
      • Self-Awareness
      • Capability
      • Fulfillment
      • Service Opportunities

2. A College Education Will Open Doors

  • This is only true if you make a ton of friends and stay in contact with them.
  • Most jobs require a bachelors or more, period.
  • Today however, all you need to do is produce real world results.

3. With a College Education, You’ll Make More Money

  • Money is not everything but more money means:
    • More Opportunity
    • More Options
    • More Chances to Help Others
  • Computer Specialist
    • High School Diploma
      • $31,000 a year
    • Bachelors
      • $$740,000 a year
  • Electrician
    • High School Diploma
      • $32,000 a year
    • Bachelors
      • &76,000

Need I say more? Check out these two sites to get more of a glimpse of where I am coming from!

What college tips would you like to share with others?

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