The premise behind the idea of “baby steps” came from the movie What About Bob? with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.

When anyone creates a goal or is working towards a desired outcome, it may seem overwhelming and a huge task to undertake.

Doing too much at once is overwhelming and will wear you out to the point where you may not accomplish anything.

At a minimum, practice one of the “baby steps” listed below every month.

From what I learned from Bob Proctor at his Paradigm Shift events, it won’t be overwhelming when doing 1-2 at a time. You can focus on excelling in that area before moving on to the next.

The best way to solve your problems is not to bite off too much at once but to just take ‘baby steps’ to reach your goals; one step at a time.

Start TODAY:

  • Say something positive about yourself when you look in the mirror
  • Appreciate other peoples point of view
  • Do something TODAY that contradicts a limiting belief you have of yourself
  • Consider why a friend or family member is acting out of character
  • Control your thoughts. Kick out the negative and absorb the positive
  • Seriously, treat others the way you would want to be treated
  • Write down what matters to you
  • Do the lyrics to the music you listen to line up with your principles and beliefs?
  • Go the extra mile and do more than is expected
  • Next tough situation you encounter ask yourself which principle applies to that situation?

Only if you’re serious about actually improving your life, I encourage you to attend Jack Canfield’s event, Breakthrough to Success!

What do you plan on actually using within the next 24 hours?

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