Success appears after your destructive habits are corrected.

Instead of doing what I did, changing a bunch of habits at once, do what’s recommended and tackle just one habit at a time.

I did a great job of changing all my habits for a few weeks after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), but then I reverted back to my old ways with a vengeance.

If you’re looking for long-term change, which I hope you are, take it day by day, a little at a time.

Focus on one habit, and once your confident that’s corrected, then move on to the next behavior to modify!

Bad Habits #1: Make Yourself The Victim

Stop blaming your problems on everyone and everything other than yourself. Take responsibility for your life because you are the only one at fault.

Bad Habits #2: Nothing To Strive For

Start thinking about tomorrow by having goals for the future. Begin to think, or care, about the consequences of your actions. Stop being reckless!

Bad Habits #3: Poor Judgment With Priorities

Stop putting the most important tasks aside to do unproductive activities.  Start doing homework, practicing, reading or doing a hobby, instead of choosing to watching tv, talking on the phone, surfing the net, tweeting, gossiping, etc.

Bad Habits  #4: Overly Competitive

No one is out to get you. If you’re full of fear, you’ll drag others down as a means of protecting your ego. Believing that when another person succeeds you lose is a ludicrous thought.

Bad Habits  #5: Talk More Than You Listen

Your opinions are yours an yours alone, they’re not what everyone else believes. Stop expressing your “side of the story first,” and listen to what others have to say first.

Bad Habits #6:  Not A Team Player

Learn to love people who are different from you.  You’re not always right and it’s wrong to think, “you’re better off doing everything yourself”.

Bad Habits #7: Take On Too Many Tasks

Focus on yourself and your own personal improvement. Study, exercise or find a hobby. Stop spreading yourself too thin because the only results you’ll produce are of mediocre work due to lack of focus and attention on the task at hand.


Pick one out of these seven destructive bad habits and being on correcting it. Don’t do too much at once, just focus on one!

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What bad habits do you possess?

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