Audible books are great for constant learning and growth. Your mind is muscle that needs constant development and strength training.

When you read:

  • Strengthen your ability to understand ideas and concepts
  • Prepare for future actions
  • Develop communication skills
  • Build connections
  • Improve your imagination and creativity

Also, reading is a necessary function in everyday life. You are less likely to be taken advantage of if you have mastered the vital tool.

I do not question the importance of reading. I do not argue the essential skills acquired by exercising your mind through by opening a good book, article, magazine, etc.

It is recommended you read a book at least 60 minutes a day.

There are many books and genres to choose from.  I recommend choosing any personal development book because if you are going to read and fill you mind with something, you might as well fill it with positive, life changing information.

Below you will find a list composed Denise Johnson’s blog “Benefits of Audible For All Readers.”


  1. Model good interpretive speaking
  2. Teaches critical listening
  3. Introduce new vocabulary or difficult proper names or locales
  4. Sidestep unfamiliar dialects or accents, Old English, and old-fashioned literary styles
  5. Provide a read-aloud model
  6. Provide a bridge to important topics of discussion
  7. Listen together with others while commuting

On my recommended books page you will find books which most have audio books by Jack Canfield, Napoleon Hill, and Sean Covey.

It would take months to read all of their material; however, thanks to the audio format, we can listen while driving, cooking, eating, working out, relaxing, and playing video games.

I have moved from listening to talk shows, music and commercials on the radio, to listening to valuable material.  Whether that would be podcasts specific to my needs, or audio books downloaded from

Still read, it’s important! But also check out a good audiobook.

What is your favorite book to listen too?

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