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To have the world’s leader in human performance hold your book is one thing. Bob Proctor created a short video telling me my book is phenomenal after receiving it.

During high school and college I went through depression. I even tried killing myself.

Without popping pills, I used my mind to change my thoughts, feelings, and outcomes.

Bob Proctor YouTube videos is what literally saved my life! From his “Thinking Into Results Seminar” to all the little mini clips he does.

He gave me the tools I needed to think myself out of depression – he can do the same for you too!

Bob Proctor Video to Me

Video Transcript

Hey Lucas! I got your book, and I heard your message. This is phenomenal. Understand this Lucas; the mind is the most powerful force in all of creation. Hold the image of what you want. Surprise the whole world. I look forward to meeting you Lucas. – Bob Proctor

I AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers

When I first wrote I AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers it was simply to prove anyone can become an author. Especially a children’s author.

Even though it’s extremely simple, it houses all the learnings I gathered from more than just Mr. Proctor.

After trying to kill myself in high school, I read my first personal development book Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns.

Indeed, if you change your the thoughts you allow into your consciousness, your entire world will change!

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