We all have dreams for what we want our lives to be!

Yet, only a small percentage of people are living their dream life.

The reason why only a small minority of people do is because it is not only scary to pursue your dreams, it is extremely hard work.

For most people, you will be starting with nothing.  I started with the mindset that you need to go to school, get good grades, graduate from college, and go off and get a career with benefits.

Once I got a job after college, I realized I would not be able to pursue any of my dreams working for incompetent micromanaging bosses. For over five years, I worked in numerous fields trying to find a career that would make me happy.

My doctors blame my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for my depression and quitting my jobs — I blame me for listening to other people and conforming with society.

Even though I still struggle every day, I can say that I am creating the life of my dreams every day.  If you are starting at the beginning like I did, I created a checklist to design your dream life.

Think Positive

If you are miserable like I was, you will never be able to do anything positive for yourself. Start saying affirmations thousands of times a day for 90 days.  I wrote a children’s book which is great for adults too, I AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers.  Numerous parents read this book to themselves without their child, it is that powerful!


Life is not all about what you know, it is who you know.  As I mentioned, I worked for many incompetent micromanaging bosses who never should have a leadership position.  They got the job because they knew the right people.  That is life.  I decided to take matters into my own hands and started to network in all the right groups to meet the right people.  I positioned myself to be able to make my dreams a reality.


When you meet the right person, turn them into a catapult.  A catapult launches you forward faster than you could imagine.  Do not be afraid to ask others for help.  Once you start seeing success in whatever you are pursuing, position yourself to become the catapult for others.  Even if you are starting out in Day 1, you still can be a catapult for someone who has been living your dream life for decades.


Our schools and society are designed to cripple you so you become an employee or soldier — that’s it.  They are not there to help you build the skills for success.  School ranks you by grades, you fail one test, you could fail the class. In life, failure is needed to succeed, how else will you learn?  Develop the skills of delegation instead of what school trained you to do, which is do what you’re told.  Become a leader, not only when I was a student, when I was a substitute I took it upon myself to lead a positive effort only to be scolded like a child for it. Everything you learned in school needs to be unlearned to become a success.


What you want to pursue, be the best expert in that one specific area you can be. Not all knowledge comes from books like school teaches, knowledge comes from experience.  Start making it a habit to read an hour everyday to learn more about how people in your field became a success.  Success leaves breadcrumbs for others to learn by and use.


Knowledge is crucial but it is not essential.  Knowledge is NOT power, it is simply perceived power.  You can be a genius in everything and still clean toilets at McDonald’s.  It is what you do with your vast or narrow knowledge that makes the difference.  Action, and action alone holds true power.  You can think, learn, and plan your whole life. Nothing will come from that until you take action.

What is your dream life?

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