Life is full of choices; especially when you choose to believe in what you’re capable of.

You can choose:

  • To believe in yourself
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Think positively
  • Be positive
  • Stop making excuses, blaming and complaining

To write The Success Principles and numerous other books that Jack Canfield published; he interviewed hundreds of super-successful people.

Almost every single one of them said and/or agreed with the following statement.

Read it a couple times, think about it, ask yourself what you believe you can accomplish:

I was not the most gifted or talented person, but I did choose to believe that anything was possible.  I studied, practiced, and worked harder than the others, and that’s how I got to where I am.”

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Lets look back to the 1950s on what was impossible:

  • Computer in every home
  • Going into space
  • Landing on the moon
  • Landing on Mars
  • Internet
  • Efficient Energy
  • Women Working
  • Blacks being looked at as equal

Behind each one of these achievements was one person who believed it to be possible.

Do you think that John F. Kennedy was completely supported by everyone when his goal was to go to the moon?  NO! Most people believed it couldn’t be done. The rest is history.

Research proves that “the brain reacts to what it expects to happen next.”

Because of the Expectancy Theory, Neuropsychologists say the sole reason behind it is because we have conditioned ourselves to expect certain things to happen during familiar situations that arise.

Our brain learns what to expect whether it happens that way or not.

Since we expect that something will happen a particular way, we are likely to experience the feelings of exactly what we anticipate.

Take a minute right now to think about situations that arise in your life where you experience false expectations with situations that you put yourself in.

What would you like yourself to expect?

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