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Lucas J. Robak

Is your organization Mentally Well?

Take my 7 Question Organizational Mental Wellness Assessment to find out.

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Cost of Disengaged Employees
Study by Gallup


Cost of Chronic Health Conditions
Study by Integrated Benefits Institute


Cost of Poor Communication
Study by Holmes


Lost Productivity Due to Absenteeism
Study by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Cost of Workplace Stress
Study by American Psychological Association

Consulting Topics

Why Me?

I can help you achieve the results you desire because I know two things; the mind and business. I’m passionate about helping businesses by speaking/consulting at both live and virtual events.

With the topics linked above, I’m available to be a speaker, consultant, trainer, and workshop leader for both individuals and groups. 

Going from a broke entrepreneur sleeping on my parents’ couch to becoming a #1 bestselling author, I’ve experienced many struggles we all encounter when pursuing abundance.

Over a decade of hustle, I’ve discovered many business, mind, health, and life hacks with universal power moves which you’ll soon use to experience your own results.

Succeeding through trial-and-error, and with my own health & wellness of thriving with multiple sclerosis (MS), this provides an innovative perspective on becoming more effective in a wide array of areas.

As your guide, we’ll connect the dots together and learn how all of these are connected and what you can do to make quantum leaps forward.

Thinking Into Wellness
Thoughtful Communication
Purpose, Values, & Vision


Engaging & Interactive

Instead of mandating your staff to attend yet another dull and boring mandated meeting. Learning about the power we all hold within ourselves should be fun and exciting. The only way to truly shift the culture of thinking is for everyone to participate... and they happily will!

Experiential Info-Tainment

I'm not just another talking head coming in to give you information and leave. I love having fun and I love sharing the wisdom I have about the mind. I promise to deliver an experience your team will go home and share with their families.

Transformational Shifting

SHIFT HAPPENS! What's even better is when you choose to control what you're shifting into. We all grow and change as individuals, and those individuals are what creates the culture of your company. Wouldn't it be great if everyone shifted in a positive direction, together?


At the end of they day you'll have your initial thoughts about how I performed which is great to know. But what I'm really interested in is after you've slept on it for a while and watched how 'things' evolved within your organization. I'm not happy if you're not happy. How I follow up is yet another way to serve you!

Lucas J. Robak

Is your organization Mentally Well?

Take my 7 Question Organizational Mental Wellness Assessment to find out.

“I got your book, and I heard your message. This is phenomenal!”

Bob Proctor

Starred in, "The Secret"

Lucas did an amazing job speaking to my group. The room was packed and his message resonated with all of us. It was very inspiring and motivating to listen to his presentation. He brings a ton of experience and knowledge to the table, and I look forward to working with him again soon. Thanks again, Lucas!

Nick Albert, D.C.


People in the Wisconsin area are fortunate enough to have Lucas Robak right here in our back yard… I am confident that Lucas could help anyone apply NLP concepts to improve any aspect of their lives they wish to focus on.

Ron Chandler

Wealth Management

Lucas did an excellent job presenting his material. He mixed in personal experiences and humor to show how effectively the process works. I found myself totally focused on the powerpoint information. There was a lot to absorb and I can honestly say, it was well worth it.

Greg Adlington

Finance President

Lucas J. Robak

Are you and your organization Mentally Well?

Take my 7 Question Organizational Mental Wellness Assessment to find out.

Lucas J. Robak