The purpose of life is a life of purpose”  – Robert Byrne

Empowering 7-Step Exercise


  • Write down specific words that appeal to you which provoke an emotion that you want!
  • EXAMPLES: Courage, Creativity, Destiny, Empower, Energy, Enthusiasm, Freedom, Gratitude, Happiness, Help, Inspire, Journey, Lead, Love, Passion, Playfulness, Powerful, Serve, Sincerity, Succeed, Support, Uplift, etc.
  • NOTE: The words that you chose appeal to you in some way. Keep them for Steps 6 & 7


  • Write down some famous phrases or quotes that you speak to you!
  • Write, for each quote, what you like about that quote or phrase
  • Write, for each quote, what the key words and ideas are


  • Summarize each quote or phrase in just two to three words
    • What is the real message that you received
    • Everyone in the world will have a different meaning for the same quote – there is no right or wrong answer


  • Make a list of your unique personal qualities
    • You may need to ask for help. I am my worst critic and made a tiny list.  Asked a friend and my sister and was amazed at the qualities I possess that never would have occurred to me
  • EXAMPLES: Attention to detail, Compassion, Creativity, Communication Skills, Decisiveness, Enthusiasm, Happiness, Listening Skills, Leadership Skills, Organization, Optimism, Persistence, Sense of Humor, etc.


  • Use the list from Step 4 and write out different ways you enjoy expressing these qualities
  • Ask yourself, “What do you normally do that brings out these qualities?
  • EXAMPLES: I support others, I inspire people to try hard, I make decisions with confidence and assume leadership role, I take the time to listen to and understand other people, I do not give up, I focus on the positive things in life and strive to make other people happy by being a genuinely cheerful person, I tutor other students with patience and consideration, etc.


  • Take what you wrote in Steps 1-5 and start combining the words, phrases and ideas into several different sentences.
  • Do not worry about making it flow or sound good. That is the next step!
  • Just simply write out your ideas into sentences using what you already have


  • Rewrite what you wrote in Step 6 and bring it all together as one idea.
  • It can be numerous sentences or just one
  • The intention of this last step is to write what inspires you and represents what you want to become
  • This is not set in stone – you have the power to change it whenever you wish

My mission statement of definite purpose:

To motivate and inspire the world to find their passion and live their true definite purpose”

REMEMBER: You can rewrite your mission statement of definite purpose as you experience life.  It is not set in stone.  This statement you just created is a great guide to help you make important decisions that will shape your:

  • Character
  • Quality of Life
  • Circumstances
  • Opportunities

What is your mission statement?

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