As a millennial, I don’t like having a smartphone. If I wanted to be lonely, depressed, and have no social skills, I’d force a smartphone into everyone’s life like the schools do. But I care about your mental health to much to do that.

I didn’t grow up with my face glued to a screen like the parents my age are raising their kids.

I experienced something called nature, human-to-human interaction, creativity, and self imposed manual labor.

Technology is great when used appropriately, but the schools haven’t been educated on that yet, and in my opinion, never will be. Grade schools are giving tablets to children because “they don’t want them to be behind.”

Are 21st Century children so dumb they’ll never have the brain power to learn how to use a tablet in their teens? Seriously!

Give your kids a fighting chance in this world! My dad learned technology in his late 50’s.

Our brains don’t stop developing until we’re 25. Allow it to grow naturally rather than thinking it’s cute your 6 month old can turn on YouTube.

It took me until late 2015 to get my first, AND LAST, smartphone. After owning the iPhone 6s Plus for two years, my common sense finally kicked in and now will be extinguished from my life for good…once the pre-determined date Apple, Inc. chose for it to fail comes to pass.

Here are JUST five reasons why the world should destroy all the so-called “smart phones.” There’s obviously many more which you can easily research and find yourself.

1) Mental & Emotional Health

Using your smartphone has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that this creates loneliness and social anxiety.

“I love you so much my child, here’s a smart phone and the address to your lifelong therapist who has the same problems as you!”

Over 70% of Americans go into a full blown panic attack if their phone is misplaced. Seriously? Because we feel the need to put a label on everything and psychologists and pharmaceutical companies need to earn a living from pretend diagnosis, this serious problem we choose to create in our own lives has been made up to be Nomophobia. I forget my phone every now and then and to me, it’s a relaxing feeling. It’s like an accidental mini-vacation!

2) Big Brother & The Government

This should go left unsaid but for some reason there are people out there who trust governments and other authority figures in their lives to a frightening degree.

These people aren’t called “hackers,” they claim it’s their job. Even though the news says one thing, you can’t be a global conglomerate and not have a conspiracy relationship with different governments.

WikiLeaks has been exposing the CIA for their ability to spy on us. Even though Hollywood is one of the most corrupt jokes on earth, they still have their characters destroy or leaves their phones behind because governments can turn them on and listen in without you knowing.

Even though I’m not a criminal, it’s an uneasy feeling for me knowing someone in Washington can turn on my phone and listen in even after I turned it off.

3) Stalkers

I’m not talking about social media here. That’s a completely different issue. Have you used the “Find Your Friends” feature recently? Do you have your “Location Services” turned on?

Having a smart phone is like leaving food in front of your camp site and then being surprised and making yourself out to be a victim when a bear comes in and protects itself from you.

You’re setting yourself up for disaster because there are psychologically sick people in this world who also know how to use a smartphone. Just like a bear can use its nose and animal instincts.

It’s not the stalkers or bears fault, it’s yours for carrying around a traceable GPS unit with you constantly.

4) Hackers

This is literally now a sport. I even thought about taking coding classes to hack for fun.

There are people in this world however who don’t do it for fun; they do it to cause harm.

Big companies get hacked all the time because it’s seen as a challenge or because the rewards are astronomical. How much personal information is in your phone?

All it takes is one determined hacker and your life could be completely destroyed in an instant. If you get hacked at all, don’t ever think you’re the victim. You chose to put your information on a small device.

5) Social

Just watch this video. I can’t say it better myself even if I transcribed it:


Don’t use ANY technology for 72 hours. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur like me, outsource your technology needs. No excuses!

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