Before you continue reading, lets understand the picture above and what each pattern means:

Vc – Visual Construct

Creating visuals in their minds they have never seen before.

Vr – Visual Remembered

Accessing visuals that they personally experienced.

Ac – Auditory Construct

Creating sounds in their minds they have never heard before.

Ar – Auditory Recall

Accessing sounds that they personally experienced.

Ad – Auditory Digital

Saying the words inside their own mind. Imagining having a conversation.

K – Kinesthetic

Accessing feelings.

Through Eye Patterns, you are able to tell how people think – not what they think.  When accessing information, people tend to move their eyes based on the chart above.

Notice their eye patterns and learn a lot about their thinking.

When someone is constructing a visual or audio (Ac/Vc) they are lying for the most part.

You are also able to tell what decision strategies they use in life.  Knowing this, you can be better at:

  • Sales
  • Negotiating
  • Persuasive
  • Manipulative
  • Understanding

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