Handwriting behaviors you desire will create a new life for yourself; 100% guaranteed!

The act of putting pen to paper is already powerful, couple with handwriting behaviors will transform your entire way of being!

Why schools are giving tablets to five year old’s is way beyond my comprehension.

I focus on facts rather than liberal propaganda. The facts are simple. Handwriting is a direct link to the subconscious to produce profound change.

Depending on who you learn from, they could say to handwrite your goals every morning and evening; or, they’d tell you to handwrite your ideal way of life twice a day.

I personally am a proponent of handwriting behaviors. By changing our behaviors, our results need to change. It’s the most basic law of physics; “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Go ahead and write your goals, it will help. I do that too. But this article is about changing our behaviors at the subconscious level.

Our subconscious directs over 90% of our life and we’re not consciously aware of what we’re doing most of the time. To produce change, it first needs to happen in the subconscious.

Handwriting Behaviors Creates New Life

Health & Wellness

Are your behaviors in alignment with what you want your ideal health to be? Diets only work so long because our thoughts and behaviors haven’t shifted to what will make us the healthiest we can be.

* I enjoy making healthy decisions every day

* I feel great eating only healthy foods

* I experience deep restful sleep every night

* Exercising is fun and easy


Jean Paul Getty says it best:

“If all the money and property in the world were divided up equally at, say, three o’clock in the afternoon, by 3.30 there would be notable differences in the financial condition of the recipients. Within that first thirty minutes, some adults would have lost their share, some would have gambled theirs away, and some would have been swindled out of their portion … After ninety days the difference would be staggering. And I’m willing to wager that, within a year or two at the most, the distribution of wealth would conform to patterns almost identical with those that had previously prevailed.”
Jean Paul Getty (1892–1976)

What I personally hand write to change my financial well being is as follows:

* I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me, in increasing quantity, through multiple sources, on a continuous basis – Bob Proctor

* I am a money making machine.

* Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.

* I invest my money wisely.


We all make money one way or another. I’m an entrepreneur so all mine aren’t included here. They’re to specific to be valuable to you. By changing the way we think and act, we can be fulfilled in our careers.

* I always attract who I need in my life to achieve massive results.

* I have more than enough energy and time everyday to achieve all my results.

* I am respected and valued by my peers


With all the different relationships we have in life, focus on what suits you best. Whether you focus on your spouse, kids, parents, grandparents…colleagues, neighbors, etc. focus on changing your thoughts, then these relationships will change.

* I love everything about _______

* I communicate easily and effortlessly

* I have deep and meaningful relationships

Personal Development

We’re all on the path to lifetime growth. By changing our behaviors to what’s below, everything else will become easier.

* I am always becoming a better person

* I learn from my daily experiences

* I have excellent habits and routines

Spiritual Growth

Since we’re all energy, might as well use it. If you haven’t started meditating, that’d be a good challenge for yourself.

* I forgive you, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

* I am open to new experiences.


Pick just a few to start, make them your own, and write them every morning and evening!

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