*NOTE: this article was published when I was teaching in a high school. Since then, I learned a lot of facts about the school system and now I’m a heavy proponent of dropping out immediately! DROP OUT NOW (even if your in 2nd grade – protect your individualism and get the hell out of the system)!

The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make asks you this question which is extremely relevant to anyone and any point in life! Just change the word school for:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Hobbies
  • Passion

What are you going to do about school?

The answer to this question pertaining to school is the same for any of the above you could have replaced it with…what you do now will determine your next 50 years.

With regards to this post, I am going to focus on school but feel free to get creative and use this advice for any area of your life!

Immediate Gratification of Dropping out:

  • Start Making More Money than You Currently are
    • Since you are not spending money to use your time in classes and homework
  • No More homework
  • Live on your own

What you are giving up in the long run:

  • Student loan payments

Seems obvious to me, but you are you and I am me – what do I know?

College is not for everyone, I understand that, but you NEED a high school diploma at minimum to get a job if you have no ambition.

Making $8-$12 an hour may sound great now but what about when you are older?

  • Kids
  • House
  • Vacations
  • Retirement

The Bureau Labor of Statistics:

Lifelong Earnings:

  • High-School Dropout – $850,720
  • High-School Graduate – $1,212,640
  • College Graduate – $1,948,960

When you put in the time now, it will pay off later.

Delayed gratification is a lifelong skill!!

The more education you have, the more opportunities arise!

At first dropping out may be the best thing in the world.

  • Freedom
  • Living with roommates
  • Partying

As you get older, your expenses will increase:

  • Sick of roommates
  • Get Married
  • Want a house
  • Have babies
  • Travel
  • Buy nice things

There are some success stories of high school drop outs making it, but the odds are better at winning the lottery.

By the way, the lottery is a stupid retirement plan! You are smarter than that!

Brutal Facts:

  • 50% of dropouts are unemployed
    • Harder time finding a job
    • More likely to get fired and the first to be laid off
  • Negative label of not being able to complete tasks
  • Do not build a career with benefits
    • Jump from job to job
    • Always unsatisfied
  • Even if you are qualified, you will not be considered for any high paying job
  • A high-school degree is not even enough anymore
    • In most cases, a bachelors degree is not enough either

When someone tells me they dropped out of college, first thing I think (because I am an a-hole):

  • You are going to be poor the rest of your life
  • You will be the person living off government hand outs
  • You have a huge sense of entitlement to my success
  • You are not qualified to start and finish any kind of project
  • “NO! I will not give you a job and you better not ask me for money”

This is my opinion on the subject, comment on what your opinion is!!

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