Your future self is who you are in 10, 15, 25, 50+ years from now.  Through imagination and visualization, you create a positive image of who you will be in your chosen specified amount of time.

This is an extremely powerful exercise to do with your life coach, and yourself, because you are deciding who you want to be, rather than what you are going to do to get there.

The future self exercise promotes creativity, imagination, visualization and using emotions. By putting yourself in the shoes of another, you in 10+ years from now, you are able to experience and feel what it is like to live your dream life.

Time travel is real:

  • Travel out into the future and create your dream life
  • Create an intimate relationship with the person of your dreams
  • Ask your future self questions on how they overcame obstacles you are currently experiencing
  • Get advice from him/her

As Abraham Lincoln said:

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Step 1: Decide on the Year and Your Age

Ideally, when you create your future self, you want to create them 10-15 years out into the future.  Personally, I created mine 47 years out into the future.  Instead of deciding on the year, I chose the age of 75. This is entirely up to you.

When you decide on either the year or your age, figure out what the other one is.  For instance, since I chose the age of 75, I had to do the math to figure out that my future self is living in the year 2061.

By keeping it at a minimum of 10 years, you will be communicating with someone who has far more knowledge, experience, and accomplishments than a future self of five years

Step 2: Decide on the Name of Your Future Self

Names are very important to people.  A name gives meaning, character, personality, and existence.  By giving your future self a name, you know made that person more real to your subconscious.

Plus, it is awkward to keep calling your future self, “Future Self” when you are envisioning him or her. Make your future self as real as possible by giving him or her a name.

I personally named my future self Mr. Robak.  I did this because when I introduce myself to someone, no matter what their age is, I introduce myself as “Lucas”.

When people take it upon themselves to call me Mr. Robak, it makes me feel fantastic knowing that I am on the right path to becoming the person I chose to become.

Step 3: Decide on Your Fashion Style and Appearance

Style and fashion constantly changes with time which makes this one a little more tricky, kind of.  Business people in the 1800’s dressed professionally just like business people in 2014.

The only difference is the style of the suit or tux.  Artists have worn clothes that are covered in material for hundreds of years, the clothes fashion may have changed, but the style of having it covered in paint has remained constant.

This step is not for you to predict what the future style will be, it is for you to decide on what type of fashion you will have.  I personally chose to have my future self remain with the brand I chose in 2013: dress shoes, stylish denim jeans, collard dress shirt, blazer, and short hair (I currently have long hair, and will continue to grow it out for a while).

Step 4: Decide on Your Occupation

How will you make money to put a roof over your head or food on the table?  Money is not everything, but you will need to survive somehow.

Some people may choose to be a Millionaire Beach Bum or to be a grade school teacher at a specific school.  The more specific you are here, the better.  Decide on your job title, the company, the pay, the benefits, your responsibilities, etc.

When I am living my future self at the age of 75, I will be an author, life coach, NLP practitioner, speaker, trainer, mentor, workshop leader, blogger, nonprofit president, and investor.

At the age of 75, I will recreate my future self at the age of 125.  It does not matter if I live that long, this is a fantasy exercise and I will do what I want with my thoughts.

Step 5: Decide on the Location(s) of Residency

Where will you live? Decide on the country, state, region, city/town/village, and what part of that area you will live.  If your future self has multiple locations of residency, do it with all of them and then decide on what time of the year you will be at each one.

The location can be the place you live now, or it can be a place you have only seen through pictures.  Where ever it is you choose, choose a place that will be exciting to live in a time that will come soon enough for you.

I personally have multiple locations I will live depending upon the seasons.  In the summer time I will be in Milwaukee, WI.  Before October arrives, I will relocate to Newport Beach, CA until January which is when I will move to Miami, FL until May to come back to Milwaukee, WI.

The best part of all this, we can change our minds.  I am not 100% sure Miami is the place for me since I have never been there, I may change it to San Diego, CA after I experience both cities.

Step 6: Decide on the Description of your Home(s)

This is a fun exercise because you get to be the engineer and architect of your future home.  During this process, get as specific as possible, every little detail down to what color everything is.

Start with the driveway and what your house looks like from a distance.  Then how big is the yard and what is in it.

When you go inside, how many floors, rooms, staircases, bathrooms, etc. are there? What art work do you have on the walls in each room and hallway? What kind of floors do you have? What is on the ceiling? What layout did you arrange the furniture in each room and hallway?  Where is your home office and how big is it?

This one may take the longest because it is a place you spend the most time.  By constantly thinking about it, it will become easier, clearer and definite.

I personally have a picture in mind of the three houses I will be living in throughout the year and what my vacation how will include.

I decided that each home I own will be designed for prepping.

Step 7: Decide on What Your Significant Other Will be Like

Even if you are dating or married, you still have the ability to day dream about this.  This does not mean that you are planning on changing who they are, what it means is that you are creating your perfect life in your minds eye.

Through the Law of Attraction, you will attract the perfect mate and circumstances.  If you already have the perfect mate, there is no need to worry.

You still can fantasize about your current significant other as they will be with their dreams come true.  Personally, as of now, I do not have a girlfriend nor do I plan on seeking one out until I am 35 years old.

When I meet the woman of my dreams, I will know instantly because I chose her hair color, facial features, body type, personality, happiness level, how passionate she is with her own dreams, all the way down to what religion she will be.

I did not choose what profession she will have, only her level of passion she has for it.

Step 8: Decide What Your Typical Day Will Involve

If I asked you now to describe your typical day over the last 30 days, how would you answer it?

The same goes for your future self, what do you do typically during the day.  What is your routine?  Who do you talk to? Where do you go? What excites you?  What do you accomplish?

Granted, everyday has the ability to be completely different than the day before.  Start controlling your time and what you do and watch your productivity sore.

Personally, my typical day at the age of 75 would include a morning and evening routine that I do diligently. Then depending on which day of the week it is, I will have different tasks to complete to efficiently produce more results than I do now.

I will have more money to hire employees so I can delegate a lot of tasks that I am not an expert in.

Step 9: Decide on Your Future Self ‘s Favorite Things To-Do

Everyone needs a little “me time”. These activities are what you enjoy now, even things that you want to get into in the future but do not have the means to do it now.

Your future self has all the time and money you will need to go have fun and do whatever your heart desires to do. Decide on what will make you happy and who you will be with.

Personally, one thing I want to do is wing-suit flying even though I have never even done sky diving before.

Step 10: Decide on the Top Values Your Future Self Lives By

Values are different for everyone.  What one persons values, another person considers offensive or garbage.

Decide what you value for yourself, your business, your family, and your environment.  Your values are how people will remember you as a person. They are what your family, friends, and business partners will take with them to share with others.

Personally, my values of my current and future self are something that I keep to myself.  I do not tell people my values, I live them and people take from it what they want to take.

Everyone’s perspective is different, by me doing the exact same thing, two different people will take away two different values.

Step 11: Decide on the Message Your Future Self Delivers to You

Go out into the shoes of your future self and send a message back to your current self.

What knowledge, advice, tips, recommendations, etc. would your future self send you to get you on the path of your dreams? You can write this in a note, email, letter, video, etc. Be creative and do what feels right here, for you.

Personally, my future self sends me messages through post-it notes and during my communication with Mr. Robak.  Some of the messages I have received are to drop all my friends, sacrifice my time, create a morning routine, focus on accomplishing what I set out to accomplish, never take no for an answer, persist, don’t listen to small minds, etc.

When my future self tells me to do something, I do it! Who am I to question someone who is living my dream life?

Step 12: Communicate with Your Future Self

This is one of the most important steps because if you don’t communicate with him or her, then why did you create them in the first place?

It is like building a house with your bare hands only to never talk about it or step foot in it.  You just created something more than wonderful, now use the power that lies within it.

You can include your future self in your Invisible Counselor Meetings which is outline in Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Meditate and visualize your future self and routinely hold a one-on-one with them.

Personally, I just talk to my future self before I go to sleep at night.  I tell Mr. Robak how things are going and what problems I am facing.

He gives me my answers in my dreams or right when I wake up – that’s why I have a notebook and pen next to my bed.  I also get messages randomly throughout the day through hunches, and ideas.

What message will your future self send you?

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