It does not take long to write a goal.  What takes time is deciding what you want to achieve.

Most people do not have any goals whatsoever. There are numerous reasons why some individuals do not set goals.  If you are against goal setting, feel free to check out some of my other posts you will find interesting.

For those who want a crash course in goal setting, implement these techniques!

1. Decide What You Want

Choose the desired outcome you would like to accomplish and make your reality.

2. Get Specific

Be very specific and detailed focused.  Make it simple enough so if you tell a child, they can easily tell other people.

3. Believe It’s Possible

It does not matter what other people think about your goal.  It is a great goal if you believe you can achieve it.

4. Set a Deadline

Give yourself enough time to realistically complete your goal.  Decide on the day, month, year and time.

5. Stretch Yourself

Make a big goal.  The bigger the goal, the bigger the accomplishment.

Hand Write Your Goal

Handwriting is a direct link to your subconscious. Go as far as writing them three times a day until you achieve your outcome.

Whats techniques have worked for you?

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