How often do you tell yourself, “I AM Determined?” If you don’t currently believe this as truth, repeat this affirmation until it becomes your fact.

Since we all want to achieve something in life, the only way to actually earn and deserve it, it is go get it.

Anything worth attempting will take tenacity, persistence, and determination.

By having this mentality of being determined, you’ll refuse to accept failures and have the inner strength to keep moving forward.

When you know, “I AM Determined” is true to you, others will being to see it as well.

Your actions will change and you’ll start attracting all those who know this to be true about you.

I AM Determined

I AM Determined Affirmations

Determination is a positive emotion which involves persevering and persisting towards a big goal no matter what obstacles arise.

This emotion is your motivator which will help you achieve your biggest goals. As a positive emotion, determination pushes you toward result producing actions.

Overcoming challenges with determination, research has shown that it increases ones physical and mental health.

Specifically, a greater resistance to illnesses, longer life-span, and decreased depression.

We experience positive personal growth when proactively coping with difficult situations and seeing them through to the end.

Difficult situations don’t just help us grow, but also increases our fulfillment in life. The tougher the obstacle to overcome, the greater the inner rewards are.

Here are a few affirmations to help you increase your inner strength to remain determined and see your goals through to the end:

  • I am determined to achieve great things.
  • I am determined to go further each day.
  • Every day I am more determined than ever to realize my goals.
  • I’m persistent in my thoughts and actions.
  • I believe that anything is possible if I set my mind to it.
  • I have the talent, the fortitude, and the desire to win.

Bob Proctor from “The Secret

Come up with a few “I AM” affirmations to repeat  until you believe it and start acting with pure determination!

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