Even though I have multiple sclerosis (MS), I believe that not only “I AM Healthy,” but that I am the healthiest person in every room I walk in!

Here in American, over 70% of all chronic illnesses are stress induced. Did you know stress is a figment of our imaginations?

To prove this point, think about a situation that stresses you out but doesn’t for someone else.

Your mind created that stress which created all you health problems. Sorry for that news.

Once you truly believe that, “I AM Healthy” is factual, your actions will become healthier and other people will see you change because your actions will change and so will your health.

I AM Healthy

I AM Healthy Affirmations

The mind/body connection is well known. Illnesses are mostly caused by our thoughts and emotions.

Cancer has been eliminated by the power of the mind alone. The placebo effect is psychological and works miracles.

Then there’s evidence which shows different chemicals are released in the body relating to the emotions created in our minds. “Happy” chemicals benefit the body. “Sad” chemicals harm the body.

Since our thoughts have a direct effect on our bodies, why not incorporate the “I AM Healthy” affirmations below?

  • With every breath I am getting healthier and feeling better.
  • I am in perfect health.
  • Every cell in my body is becoming healthier.
  • I always feel good because my body feels good.
  • Good health is my birth right and so I take good care of my body.
  • I have a healthy mind and healthy body.

Bob Proctor from “The Secret

Come up with a few “I AM Healthy” affirmations to repeat  until you’re the healthiest person in every room!

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