Do you say, “I AM Joyful” in your daily self-talk?

Merriam-Webster defines Joy as the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires–the expression or exhibition of such emotion–a state of happiness or felicity–a source or cause of delight.

They then define Joyful as, “experiencing, causing, or showing joy.”

Keep in mind, joyfulness isn’t exactly being happy. Joy is an inner state of being and a way of life which is unaffected by butter circumstances. Joy is true peace which is always there even during rough times.

On the other hand, happiness depends on your results and circumstances that come and go into your life.

What this means is that when I was going through my severe depression, the opposite of joy, I still experienced times of happiness. Because I wasn’t filled with joy, I was unfulfilled most of the time.

After everything I’ve been through, I’d rather live a joyful life with little “happy circumstances” than being depressed and experiences a great deal of “happy moments.”

You may or may not agree with this which is perfect for you!

Once you truly believe that, “I AM Joyful” is factual to yourself, your actions will create more joy with each passing day.

Remember, it all starts in the mind!

I AM Joyful

I AM Joyful Affirmations

Sharing your joyfulness with others will actually increase your level of joy.

What’s even better, is that research has proven that when you tell others about your moments of happiness, this is better than just reliving it in your mind or even handwriting it down in a journal.

Another way to increase your joy is to encourage others to share their happy and positive experiences with you–even ask them to tell you what they’re grateful for.

The Noble Peace Prize recipient, Albert Schweitzer, once said “Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.”

Since our thoughts have a direct effect on our bodies, why not incorporate the “I AM Joyful” affirmations below?

  • My joyous experiences expand with each day
  • Joyfulness is a natural state of mind
  • Every fiber in my being radiates joy
  • The gratitude I feel fills my heart with continuous joy
  • I am filled with this beautiful, joyful, creative energy
  • Living up to my fullest potential skyrockets my joy

Bob Proctor from “The Secret

Come up with a few “I AM Joyful” affirmations to repeat to yourself!

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