Babies are so innocent and perfect.

I say this because infants instinctively know what they want and are extremely passionate about getting exactly what they want.

Babies have all the skills that we need to succeed:

  • They know exactly what they want (crying until they get it)
  • They know exactly what they do not want (spit out food that is not to their liking)
  • They express their needs and wants (crying, pointing, tantrums)
  • They crawl to whatever interests them, avoiding what they do not want to be around (No fear)

DO NOT think that by crying and throwing tantrums will get you what you want.

By doing this, you get what you want because people are sick of you and they just want you to go away.

There are better ways to get what you want.

Someone, somewhere along the way tells you:

  • Do not touch that
  • Stay away from there
  • Keep your hands off that
  • Eat everything on your plate whether you like it or not
  • You should be ashamed of yourself
  • Stop crying. Do not be such a baby
  • You do not really want that
  • You do not really believe that, do you?
  • You can not have everything you want simply because you want it
  • Money does not grow on trees, you know
  • Can’t you think of anybody but yourself?
  • Stop doing what you are doing and come do what I need you to do

Who steals your innocence and “baby” determination?

  • Boss
  • Spouse
  • Colleagues
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Friends
  • Family

They put the above limiting beliefs about yourself into your mind and you begin to believe it.

They just stole your Baby Success Playbook away from you.

They probably did so because they do not believe in themselves enough to accomplish this.  So they make sure you believe that you can not do what they know they can not do.

NEVER let anyone steal your dream from you.  I experienced that too many times to allow it to ever happen to me again!

What dreams have been stolen from you that are still burning inside you?

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