A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, but an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”  – Winston Churchill

People make life more difficult than it is.  When life is hard, guess what, it is your fault for not taking control of your thoughts!

There are a lot of people out there, I encounter more than I would like too, who have an enormous list of reasons and excuses why they cannot be successful. They feel stuck because they truly believe that everyone and everything is working against them and their goals. They are “success paranoid”

Think positive because positive things happen to positive people

The self-made multimillionaire and former publisher of SUCCESS magazine was an “inverse paranoid”.  His name, W. Clement Stone.

“Instead of believing the world was out to sabotage his dreams, he chose to believe that the world was trying to help him achieve. Instead of seeing every difficult or challenging event as a negative, he saw it for what it could be – something that was going to empower him and help him reach his goals.”

I’ve always been the opposite of paranoid. I operate as if everyone is part of a plot to enhance my well-being.”  – Stan Dale

Whether you think positive or negative, your mind does not care:

  • You mind does not like to be proven wrong
  • It will look for evidence to back up your beliefs
  • If you expect the worst, you will find the worst
  • If you expect the best, you will find the best

Failure is not a negative to me or any other successful person.  Failure is only feedback telling you to try it a different way.

A lot of people look at failure as an excuse to quit, not to try again.

Search for the best in every situation!

Truly believe that all things happen for a reason.  It may be difficult to find the best in a lot of situations, but once you develop this habit your life will take you places you never could have imagined.

By thinking positive there are really only two side effects that occur:

  • Happiness
  • Gratitude

These are a lot better side effects than what your psychiatrist will give you.

How can you apply positive thinking?

  • Assume everyone wants you to excel and have fun
  • Believe it is possible there are people out there who genuinely want to help you
  • Know that only good can come from every situation
  • Assume the positive that everything will work out for you
  • Apply The Slight Edge

Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.”  – Brian Tracy

Was there a horrible event that happened to you that later became a blessing? Do not lie, the answer is “yes” if you are human

Paradigm Shift

Instead of thinking:

  • “Well, this situation I got myself in really sucks. Hopefully, one day, I will look back on it and laugh”

Why not laugh about that situation now?

Start thinking:

  • “What is funny about this event/situation right now?”
  • “How can I benefit from it?”
  • “What have I learned?”

Humor and optimism are extremely important traits to start implementing in your life!

What good has happened in your life?

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