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Lucas J. Robak

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Keynote Speaker

Before I started speaking and consulting, I worked for a successful property developer learning many business hacks and the skill of how to figure things out on my own. Afterward, I taught myself digital marketing and publishing. While building my two businesses, The Wellness Fair and Authorpreneur Academy, my mentors and experiences taught me various strategizing and productivity behaviors that actually work.

If your corporation or audience desires simple actionable tactics for:

  • power of the mind
  • health & wellness
  • personal development
  • book publishing and leveraging
  • increasing productivity

Ultimately, I'm here to serve you by ensuring lower turnover and toxicity which both have a direct impact on your bottom line.

I can help you achieve the results you desire because I know two things; the mind and business. I’m passionate about helping businesses by speaking/consulting at both live and virtual events.

With the topics below, I’m available to be a speaker, consultant, trainer, and workshop leader for both individuals and groups. 

Going from a broke entrepreneur sleeping on my parents’ couch to becoming a #1 bestselling author, I’ve experienced many struggles we all encounter when pursuing abundance. Over a decade of hustle, I’ve discovered many business, mind, health, and life hacks with universal power moves which you’ll soon use to experience your own results.

Succeeding through trial-and-error, and with my own health & wellness of thriving with multiple sclerosis (MS), this provides an innovative perspective on becoming more effective in a wide array of areas. As your guide, we’ll connect the dots together and learn how all of these are connected and what you can do to make quantum leaps forward.

Lucas J. Robak | Keynote Speker on Mental WellBeing


Cost of Disengaged Employees
Study by Gallup


Cost of Chronic Health Conditions
Study by Integrated Benefits Institute


Cost of Poor Communication
Study by Holmes


Lost Productivity Due to Absenteeism
Study by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Cost of Workplace Stress
Study by American Psychological Association

What to Expect

Sub Heading
  • Timely replies to your messages answering your questions.
  • Phone call to understand your audience to deliver an impactful message.
  • Fully engaging presentation focused on creating lasting change.
  • Interactive with worksheets and time for group work and discussions.
  • Resources for your audience to create transformational development.
  • Experiential and dynamic delivery to connect with your audience.
  • Followup to make certain that I delivered to your satisfaction.
  • Followup to receive feedback to improve for you next time.

What the Audience Receives

Sub Heading
  1. Optional Pre-Work
  2. Handout(s)
  3. Time to Mastermind
  4. Interactive Engagement
  5. Able to Ask Questions
  6. Roadmap to Results
  7. Simple and Concise Action Items
  8. Free Gift(s)


Corporate Audiences

Corporations must innovate or die. All innovation keys begin within a corporation’s ability to effectively create a clear purpose and vision. This time-tested mentality motivates and inspires employees to do their job with more enthusiasm, higher quality, and more efficiency.


A solid foundation is critical to the success of every aspiring and current business owner. Your new thinking provides entrepreneurs with a roadmap and tools to create a strong and thriving business and lifestyle; one that is congruent with their goals and the markets they serve.

Career Services Professionals

The world is changing quickly but there is only one thing that remains constant over the last few millenniums; our ability to think. I present forever-important tools and strategies professionals can use to arm themselves and their team with. Let's start to mentally prepare and develop the skills to handle and adapt for the inevitable.

Any Group That's Serious About Maximizing Their Potential

Thinking is a framework for maximizing your true potential. Whether your goal is a flourishing business, optimizing your career and lifestyle, or stepping up your contribution to the world, the I'll provide the necessary principles and the tools you want in a simple and fun way.

Lucas J. Robak | Keynote Speaker, Corporate Consultant, Personal Trainer

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Thinking Into Wellness

The thoughts we choose to think create the feelings we experience. Those feelings who chose to create with our thoughts form our behaviors and actions. With the actions we take, that creates the results in which we live in. By using the power of the mind, something we’re all capable of, we can reprogram our mental strategies, paradigms, feelings, actions, and inevitably, our results. As a certified Master NLP practitioner, life-long student of personal development, and organizer of The Wellness Fair, no matter what it is that you’re working on or what results you want to create, I have an entire tool shed of tools to give you and your company so that you can start using your minds to its fullest potential.

– How successful people set solid goals with a plan of action, right mentality, and mind tools to overcome any challenge.
– The importance of thinking about thinking and how to do it.
– A clear understanding of the “Knowing/Doing Gap” and how to correct it.

Thoughtful Communication

Everyone buys but no one likes to be sold too! Knowing that most people make buying decisions with their emotions, you’ll learn how to intentionally communicate directly with their emotional side. Using various language patterns in a conversation, influencing hasn’t been easier. Using proven psychology hacks, I will break down for you step-by-step how to develop rapport while allowing them to sell themselves!

– A clear understanding of the psychology of influence.
– Power questions to have the person sell themselves on your way of thinking.
– Learn how to be a more effective communicator in all areas of life.


Purpose, Values, & Vision

Poor employee health sabotages performance and costs billions every year. Healthy employees are more engaged, productive, and also reduces healthcare costs. Most people know the importance of eating well, exercising, and getting adequate sleep but putting these things into practice in a high-stress world is a challenge. As a health & wellness leader, I’ll empower your employees with practical tools everyone can use to create better habits, maximize their energy levels, and overcome the negative effects of stress.

– A proven process to create healthier habits.
– Discover mind hacks to instantly eliminate stress.
– Learn how to bring more passion into the work they do.

Customized Specifically for Your Audience

Every company and audience is different, I get that! After answering a few questions, I'll better understand your needs and will deliver what you need to make that breakthrough.

– A clear understanding of the psychology of influence.
– Power questions to have the person sell themselves on your way of thinking.
– Learn how to be a more effective communicator in all areas of life.

Lucas J. Robak | Keynote Speaker

What Others Are Saying About Me...

“I got your book, and I heard your message. This is phenomenal!”

Bob Proctor

Starred in, "The Secret"

Lucas did an amazing job speaking to my group. The room was packed and his message resonated with all of us. It was very inspiring and motivating to listen to his presentation. He brings a ton of experience and knowledge to the table, and I look forward to working with him again soon. Thanks again, Lucas!

Nick Albert, D.C.


People in the Wisconsin area are fortunate enough to have Lucas Robak right here in our back yard… I am confident that Lucas could help anyone apply NLP concepts to improve any aspect of their lives they wish to focus on.

Ron Chandler

Wealth Management

Lucas did an excellent job presenting his material. He mixed in personal experiences and humor to show how effectively the process works. I found myself totally focused on the powerpoint information. There was a lot to absorb and I can honestly say, it was well worth it.

Greg Adlington

Finance President

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