With Language in NLP you can use language to achieve all you communication goals and control conversations in school, with family and friends, in business and life.  

You can do this by Chunking Up or Chunking Down to use the different levels of ambiguity or specificity.

1. Linguistic Presuppositions

This is natural assumptions in language. They are useful to see what someone believes to be true.  They are also used to create a better Internal Representation for others.

2. The Hierarchy of Ideas

This is levels of abstraction and specificity. When you Chunk Up (For what purpose?) you are looking for an agreement and Chunking Down (What specifically?) is used to get details and distinctions.

3. The Milton Model

This uses hypnotic language patterns.  The Milton Model came from Milton Erickson and is a series of abstract language which are ambiguous to help people access unconscious resources. This is all about Chunking Up.

4. The Meta Model

This uses questions for uncovering specifics. Developed by Virginia Satir which helps us see deletions, distortions and generalization in language giving us questions that need clarification. This is all about Chunking Down.

Using your voice tone can give extra meaning to your communication. You can use voice tone to end your sentence in the form of a question, statement or command.

Question Tone

Voice pitch goes up at the end

Statement Tone

Voice pitch stays the same

Command Tone

Voice pitch goes down

Using different tones of voice you are able to speak to peoples subconscious while the listen consciously and agree.

You can give commands but end with a question tone for them to agree with the statement in some fashion.

What area of communication sparks your interest?

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