Over the last few months many people have shown me what selflessness and gratitude truly look like.  The hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make happened over the last few months. Beautiful people were there to offer their support.

After years of doing different things, multiple sclerosis (MS) reminded me to focus only on priorities. With everything I was doing and creating, energy management abruptly took precent in my life.

A spoonie is someone who measures activity in terms of energy spent, not time. That’s me for sure! Standing wears me out at times. When presenting or speaking at events, I bring a wooden stool.

From June-September 2017 I’ve been making decisions that have greatly altered the course of my future. I’ve cancelled events and other obligations to focus all of my energy on my health and one idea.

Making these decisions was for me and yet people responded in a way I never would’ve fathomed. By being a part of something bigger than myself and reaching thousands of people, when it came to a surprising end, love and support was offered in return.

Selflessness and Gratitude

I honestly don’t want to write anyone’s name in this post because there were so many people who offered their services, time, and resources for my benefit; accidentally leaving one person out is something I’ll avoid.

Today was the day of receiving numerous acts of selflessness and kindness. The universe has a way of coming back full circle when you need it to most.

Making a lot of changes in my life recently led me to do daily acts of gratitude and appreciation. Every morning I wake up and think of 10 things I’m grateful for before opening my eyes. Holding the door open for people has become a fun activity for me too; need to collect as many “thank you’s” possible.

Being grateful for what you have and doing selfless acts for other people every day will help when you need it most. People come into your life and offer their help in any way they can. It’s up to you do be grateful for the offer and accept their support.

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