Morning routines are what separates the average person from successful individuals because they know the power of habits. Do you have morning routines that sets you up for an awesome day of results?

I wrote an article for Thrive Global on what my ideal morning routine is. It’s entitled, 21-Step Morning Ritual for Boosting Motivation, Productivity, and Results.

In that Thrive Global article I go in depth of what my ideal morning habits would be. Here, I’m going to discuss my favorites ones that work best for me.

Favorite Steps in My Morning Routines

  1. Handwrite your goals/affirmations
  2. Visualize your goals as completed in the present moment
  3. Twenty minutes of meditation
  4. Read the right books
  5. Visualize successfully accomplishing all the tasks you set out for the day

Importance of HANDWRITING Your Goals

Out of the 21-Steps in the Thrive Global article and from the list of five rituals listed above, to me, this is the most important step of them all.

Why is handwriting your goals every morning so important?

Since our subconscious mind controls over 90+% of our daily lives, this exercise is to send messages to let your subconscious know exactly what it should be working for. This is what’s coined as the “Captain to Crew” exercise.

Our conscious minds are considered the Captain of the ship. Our subconscious mind is the crew. The crew works 24/7 to carry out the captains orders. By giving it specific directions, in time, the crew will start doing what you want them to do.

Handwriting is vital because it’s the direct link to your subconscious. You can do affirmations (aka autosuggestion) throughout the day still, but this is the express way to change.


Read the article on Thrive Global and develop your own routine. Share in the comments below what it is.

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