Neuro Linguistic Programming, more commonly known as NLP, is a way that we communicate with ourselves and others.

NLP explains the process of how we…

  • Delete
  • Distort
  • Generalize

…the information the world feeds us to create our perception of the events that take place.  If we were not able to use these three processing filters, our conscious mind would be overwhelmed with information and we could possibly shut down.

How we gather information to filter out is through our five senses but what really makes the biggest impact on our perception is our past.

The values that we have come from our environment growing up and we had no choice in these; they came from:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Teachers

The decisions that we make throughout our lives create certain beliefs about ourselves and the limitations that we place on the world.

Even more so, the memories that we have consolidated and distorted throughout time directly affect our decisions and beliefs.

Our Meta-Programs are the way each one of us handles information.  We are all different in every way.  Depending upon our:

  • Values
  • Memories
  • Beliefs
  • Decisions we make

The information we accumulate through our 5 senses determines our perception of reality – whether it be true or false, that is our reality in our own minds.

Through the use of NLP techniques, you are able to revolutionize yourself by releasing the brakes of your past and form new empowering beliefs to open up “new” opportunities that you never saw before.

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