Mitch W. Steel wrote a blog in 2007 which is still relevant today which is filled with motivation tips for you.

31 Ways to Motivation Tips to Get Yourself to exercise

Even though this blog post is about motivation to exercise, you can apply the tips to any area that you want to be motivated for.

Let’s say that you want to have motivation to do your dreaded Algebra II homework when you are going to school to be an artist or writer.

From the Zen Habit blog, you can take their tips and turn them into the activity that you want to be motivated for:

Motivation tips to do what you love to do:

  1. How do you feel once all your homework is done?
  2. Put time aside daily dedicated to your education, outside of school
  3. Remember how much you actually do know
  4. Having fun
  5. Remember that you’re doing it for a grade and your parents
  6. Read into the type of person you want be
  7. Ask for help from someone that is doing good in the class (accountability helps)
  8. Read other peoples blogs about how they love algebra
  9. Find success stories of mathematicians
  10. Go chat on an Algebra Forum
  11. Reward yourself for doing all your homework on time every week
  12. Get use to not giving up
  13. Being smart in various subjects
  14. Sense of accomplishment
  15. Less stressed about your grade when you’re motivated
  16. Learn to do things you don’t want to do with a passion
  17. Find a homework partner to meet twice a week
  18. Get a homework group to meet once a week
  19. Secure a tutor/mentor or ask the teacher for help
  20. Create a grade chart/graph
  21. Look at your before Grade and visualize your next grade
  22. Enroll in a math competition or club
  23. The dread of getting another bad grade
  24. Be able to troubleshoot various problems later in life
  25. Get weekly updates from your teacher
  26. Set a goal for what you can control with homework and studying
  27. Post your goal on social media and give updates
  28. Read motivational quotes daily
  29. Read inspirational books
  30. Others commenting on your progress within the class

Lets Do This

You can even change these around again to motivate yourself into another activity that your would like to see yourself do.

You can be motivated enough to cut the grass or do the dishes because it will get your parents off your back or because it will entice your parents to give you permission to go out later.

There are different types of motivation.  The main two are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic Motivation

There are two types of external motivation: motivation towards and motivation away.

Extrinsic motivation is not as strong as intrinsic because you will always have to come up with new ways to reward yourself, can reward yourself for not doing anything and it is not healthy for accomplishing tasks.

Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation is ideal to become motivated to accomplish your dreams.  No external factor can increase or decrease your desire to accomplish what it is you set out to do.

Intrinsic motivation lasts long after you achieve what it is you set out to achieve. This does not go away or diminish in any sense.

Metaphors that some up intrinsic motivation is

  • s/he is determined
  • (s)he is passionate
  • s/he has a burning desire
  • (s)he has a fire under his/her butt

Motivation Towards

The external factors that motivates you, you are motivated to get something.  For instance, you can have external motivation towards getting an A in algebra because when you get that A your parents will buy you a car.  The external motivation is the car that you are working towards.

Motivation Away

The external factors that motivates you, you are motivated to keep something from happening.

For instance, you have external motivation away from a D in algebra because last time you got a D your parents took away your video game privileges.

The external motivation is the privilege of video games, you are motivated to not get that taken away. Motivated away from punishment.

My Best Motivation Tips

To me, these aren’t tips, they’re actions! I do them consistently because it works tremendously.

Best wishes to you!

What is your inspiration?

In what areas of life would you like to have more motivation?

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