There’s one thing in common with very successful people; having a morning ritual. They’re not the same amongst the different individuals but the commonality is that they all have one.

The most common morning habit is waking up earlier than the average person.

Depending on the person and their desire for success, alarm clocks start going off from 3:30am – 5:00am. The most common I’ve heard is between a 4am and 5am alarm.

Usually very simple, top performers typically take care of themselves in the morning before taking care of everything else. Obviously there are those who get to work right after waking up.

At this moment in time my morning routine is in a deep transitional period. After experimenting with different actions and the order in which they’re completed, this is what my most ideal morning ritual will be!

Note the order in which objectives are completed:

1) Gratitude & Appreciation

Before I open my eyes, there’s at least five things I express gratitude and appreciation for every morning. It’s a great to start any day.

Estimated Completion Time: 1 minute

2) Shadow Work

Our shadow is our “dark side” which we don’t acknowledge being there because we don’t know it exists. By handwriting all our thoughts, we all it to vent itself out.

Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

3) Bob Proctor “Gratitude” Exercise

He says to write down ten things you are grateful for. Send love to five people who you currently have negative feelings for. Then spend five minutes asking for direction for the day.

Estimated Completion Time: 15 minutes

4) Vitamins, Water, & Fruit

Because I don’t know what the laws are right now, it’s going to just stay as vitamins and water. The fruit I pick is based on my blood type and paleo.

Estimated Completion Time: 5 minutes

5) Captain 2 Crew

The “captain” is our conscious mind and the “crew” is the subconscious mind. To give direct orders to your subconscious, handwrite your desired behaviors and goals.

Estimated Completion Time: 20 minutes

6) Visualizing Goals

After writing your goals, sit with them and make sweet love. Read the goal and visualize it being real in the present moment. Feel the emotions that come with that vision.

Estimated Completion Time: 10 minutes

7) Exercise w/ Audio

I have found it’s more likely for me to exercise by doing body weight exercises and using giant rubber bands. The audio is personal development and motivational.

Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

8) Hygiene w/ Self Love

Train yourself to give yourself loving thoughts the moment you start washing up. From brushing your teeth, to showering and dressing, appreciate yourself and everything you do.

Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

9) Eat w/ Audio

Because I don’t eat first thing in the morning, this is where my breakfast of eggs, fruit, and a shake come in. “Never Eat Alone” means listen to more audio training programs.

Estimated Completion Time: 10 minutes

10) Lumosity

If you’ve never played lumosity, you need to check this out. Exercising your brain is just as important as breathing. These games are designed to activate different areas of the brain everyday!

Estimated Completion Time: 20 minutes

11) Read

Reading is another way to exercise the brain. Since the average CEO reads 60 books a year, I’m shooting for a few a month. All knowledge is stored in a book, reading is good!

Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

12) Meditate

Mindfulness is becoming a way of life for me. With my singing bowl, deep breathing, and essential oils, I allow my mind to run free and go down whatever path it chooses.

Estimated Completion Time: 25 minutes

13) Mirror Work

Coming right back to self love and compassion. Looking yourself in the eyes, tell yourself everything that makes ‘you’ fantastic. Tell you “I love you” and give yourself a hug and kiss.

Estimated Completion Time: 5 minutes

14) Check Emails

Checking emails comes before planning the day (which you should have already done the night before) because there may be an email which could alter a portion of the day.

Estimated Completion Time: 2-20 minutes

15) Plan Day w/ Water, Snack, & Vitamins

After checking emails and messages, sit down with some vitamins, healthy snack, and a glass of water to plan out the day in 15 minute increments.

Estimated Completion Time: 10 minutes

16) Visualize Day

Once you know what you’re going to be doing for the day, visualize yourself going through the day completing all the objectives laid out. This is a huge productivity tip.

Estimated Completion Time: 5 minutes

17) Sell Myself Commercial

To finish off your morning ritual, boost your confidence in having a kickass day by selling yourself to yourself. This is an exercise you can learn more about in The Magic of Thinking Big!

Estimated Completion Time: 5 minutes

Daily Checklist

Now that you rocked out an incredible morning taking care of yourself before anything else, it’s time to take on the day and complete the desired actions you planned to do.

Estimated Completion Time: All Day!


Start a morning ritual and be consistent with it for the next 5 days. Then adjust and go for another 5 days. Keep doing that until you find one that works best for you. Or take my ideal morning ritual and make it your own!

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