I’m not a junkie. Promise! I only allow women to tie a rubber band on my arm and shoot up a very expensive hardcore drug called Ocrevus…every six months.

They’re so nice taking blood from my fragile body every month as well; it’s not like I need it!

All jokes aside, I’m lucky to have my neurologist and being cleared to do drugs to keep my multiple sclerosis (MS) under control.

When I was first diagnosed in May 2014, I was clueless MS even existed. When the six doctors stood around my bed handing me my new direction in life on a silver platter, I already began envisioning everything that is now possible.

Three years later, this mentality is still going strong!

Two days ago was my first treatment of Ocrevus. I was on Tysabri way longer than the average MS’er; made it to 44 treatments. After three years of monthly infusions, the inevitable happened and was taken off Tysabri because I developed the JC Virus which is the prelude to PML.

Funny thing is there was a brief moment in time I thought I had PML. After being told that news and doing the math, if it was true, there would be no Thanksgiving 2017 for me. If luck were on my side, I’d be dead instead of brain damaged, that’s just me. Being dust instead of a veggie is way more appealing for me personally!

Getting over that shell shock and coming out the other end with even more clarity, the passion for organizing The Wellness Fair and Authorpreneur Academy have never burned brighter!

Thank you MS and special thanks to PML math! This ones for you!

Shooting Up Ocrevus

Health & Wellness

Being the organizer for The Wellness Fair community, the holistic approach was very appealing – still is. Making sure we maintain the highest quality professionals for businesses, I talk to a lot of very smart and caring people.

Knowing about my MS thing, they’re all very eager to wisdom share with how I can literally cure it the holistic way.

I do believe we all have the power to do that but my lame excuse at the moment is my habits aren’t where I want them nor do I have the funds/time to do everything right. This is my goal – to have the funds to invest the time!

Before going all holistic, these are the ideal habits and services I’m going to make into a way of being, my full fledged lifestyle.

Then I’ll be an all organic kinda guy. No more shooting up drugs for 6 hours every six months.

Holistic Habits

  1. Completed the Thinking Into Results full program
  2. Drink 80 oz. of water daily – room temp with lemon
  3. Drink an Apple Cider Vinegar cocktail every morning
  4. Paleo diet combined with the Blood Type Diet
  5. 30-45 minutes of muscle building cardio exercises
  6. Meditate 60 minutes
  7. Sleep 8-9 hours uninterrupted
  8. 5,000 – 10,000 IU’s of Vitamin D
  9. Vitamin C
  10. Omega 3 Fish Oil
  11. Calcium/Magnesium
  12. Essential Oils
  13. Massage
  14. Chirporactic
  15. Acupuncture
  16. Rolfing
  17. Sound therapy
  18. Chromotherapy
  19. Biomat/Beemer
  20. Yoga
  21. Tai Chi
  22. Floating
  23. Chinese Medicine
  24. A bunch of MLM products I’ve been researching for years

This is just off the top of my head but you get the point. If I’m going to go all holistic, I’m in it to win it! No half assing or lolly gagging around with it.

By being very hands on within The Wellness Fair community, I can easily call up top notch professionals from our wellness business directory and get all the knowledge, services, and products needed to cure myself.

My favorite part isn’t that I know all them personally, it’s that they’re all people who are excellent at their craft.

First Day of Ocrevus

On my first day back taking medication for my MS, I had a blast. There’s zero reason to ever choose to think that this is a bad thing. I choose to get stuff done and have fun doing it.

Anytime I go into a hospital, they want to brand me like the Nazis did to the Jews by strapping a bar code to my wrist. I always refuse to let them do this. If they’re really into obeying the dictation of their superiors, I allow them to put it on me only to rip it off right in front of them. Cue the smile.

After ripping off my branded ID, they started pumping 500mg of steroids into me. I’ve experienced this before when I was diagnosed. In 2014 they were used to kill the active lesions in my brain and spine so I could walk again. This time around they are being used to prevent some wicked side effects.

These aren’t the desired steroids athletes take to shrink your balls, lower your sperm count, weaken your skeletal system, round off your head, and enrage you to the point of slaughtering your family. I’m not into that. These steroids aren’t for professional athletes like Ryan Braun or Barry Bonds. In my case, they’re meant to destroy the activity of symptoms.

My Ocrevus Shelf Life & Cycle

After today’s six hour treatment I get to some back and do it again in two weeks.

Then after that, I come in every six months for more Ocrevus. Because of the neurologist I have, I also am asked to come in on a monthly basis to draw blood to check a bunch of medical stuff that’s way over my head.

Because pharmaceuticals are designed to destroy, not heal, I am going to develop all those desired holistic habits so I no longer have to treat my temple like a crack house. But until then, hardcore drugs are the way to go!


At the start of each week, create the mentality you won’t be around next week. It puts things into perspective and you’ll end up focusing on what’s most important to you.

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