In life, you will encounter instances where you say “a part of me whats this and a part of me wants to do that.”

This is because your subconscious mind has a different mission than your conscious mind.

At some level, you are in a state of conflict where one part of you wants something and the other part doesn’t want that, it wants something else.

This is called a “Part” because it functionally separates the subconscious mind from the conscious mind.

“Part” means: Any state-dependent neural network with enough functional autonomy to run its strategies without control by the rest of the world.

What Parts Integration resolves is the conflict within oneself.  One of the Parts could even be the whole person and is in conflict with only one Part within that individual.

There are three parts that can come in conflict with each other:

State Dependent

This is when a Part comes to life when a person is in a particular emotional or mental state(s)

Neural Network

This is a collection of behaviors, beliefs, motivations, strategies, and so on, with the subconscious and the nervous system

Functional Autonomy

This is when a part tends to act independently of the highest intention as a whole once activated. What this means is that while the whole person may have the same intentions as the Part, the intentions of the Part never include the intentions of the whole individual.

What Parts are in conflict with you?

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