Make your work in keeping with your purpose”  – Leonardo da Vinci

“If you are truly living your purpose, things seem to fall into place.  If a certain activity doesn’t fit the formula and won’t help you grow, then don’t do it.  When you find yourself at a fork in the road and you’re not sure what to do, look at your purpose statement and see what option best agrees with it.  Decisions that were once difficult will become clearer.”

When you write your personal mission statement, you should review it.

REMEMBER: You have the power to add something, take something out or simplify it.

As you go through life you experience new ideas which apply to your broader purpose than what you wrote down. Change it then! That easy!


  • Everything seems to fall in place
  • You are doing what you love to do
  • You are doing what you are good at
  • You are accomplishing what is important to you!

YOU is the most important word in the above list. You are the only thing that matters in your life. I am the only thing that matters in my life.

Sounds selfish?

If you are not in accordance with your purpose than you are not your complete self.  When that happens you can become depressed and angry. Stay at home when this happens because the world needs YOU to be happy.

The best way to be happy is to live a life of purpose.

My personal mission statement of definite purpose:

To motivate and inspire the world to find their passion and live their true definite purpose”

My purpose in life makes me happy to:

  • Think about
  • Dream about
  • Live daily

My purpose can make you one of the most miserable souls on earth if you lived in accordance to it.  The same goes for me living anyone else’s purpose.  Your purpose in life is yours and yours alone.  Be selfish and live in accordance to your purpose.  The world will benefit a lot more if we all did this.

What actions coincide with your purpose?

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