Last week I laid out the process to define your Personal Mission Statement! If you do not know what your life’s purpose is, this will help you get on the right path.

Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it.” –  Brian Tracy

The statement “Knowledge is Power” is a lie! This is incredibly false and I despise all those that told me this.  I wish Schoolhouse Rock would have done more research on success before they lied to the world for decades.

Knowledge is Potential Power – Action is True Power

You can have all the information in the world but that means absolutely nothing if you do not put it into action. The same goes with your personal mission statement.

Think in terms of tools because that is what knowledge is – it is just another tool in your tool belt

Build Your House With the Right Tools

You can have every tool in the world at your disposal but sometimes people choose to build their house (life) with hand tools that are not appropriate for the job.  They know that the power tools (knowledge) are better but they choose not to ACT in accordance with their KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge is Potential Power – Action is True Power!

Ask yourself this:

What can you do on a daily basis to remind yourself of your personal mission statement that you created?

Come up with your own answer that will work for you. Here are some suggestions that have worked others:

  • Write it on a sheet of paper
  • Put it somewhere where you will constantly see it
    • On your wall
    • Desk
    • Locker
    • Mirror(s)
  • Make it your computer/phone/ipad background and screensaver

What I did with my mission statement:

I did not come up with these ideas, I read them and applied them just like I hope you will too!

  • Record it on MP3
    • Play it on a loop while you are:
      • Sleeping
      • Eating
      • Driving
      • Working
  • Say it out loud two times a day
    • Once in the morning and once at night
  • Put emotion into it
    • Be enthusiastic
    • Feel the feelings that you described
  • Say it in front of a mirror
    • Very awkward at first but the benefits are astronomical
    • Look into your eyes while doing this
    • Remember to tell yourself “I love you”
  • Use an anchor

How are you reminding yourself of your life’s mission?

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