Successful actions start with internal conversations because the powerfully program and shape your life experience.

These conversations focus on the self-perceptions. An awareness of the characteristics that constitute one’s self; self-knowledge.

You are what you think!

If you do not beat up your new car, shoes or video games, then why would you beat yourself up internally? Your thoughts are more important than any material possession that you can buy.

Negative Self Talk:

  • “I’m a failure”
  • “Nothing ever seems to work for me”
  • “I am not good enough”
  • “That’s all that I am capable of”
  • “Why me?”
  • “I just don’t have enough skill”

Positive Self Talk:

  • “I feel great”
  • “I’m in control”
  • “I can make things happen”
  • “I can do this”
  • “I am good enough”

In the The Success Principles, Jack Canfield states,

Taking full responsibility for our lives means that we must take control of our thoughts because our thoughts affect everything we do” (pg. 15).

In other words, are you being controlled by negative or positive thoughts?

Successful Actions Exercise:

  • Step 1: Pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day
  • Step 2: Review your day and think about the thoughts you had about yourself. write top five thoughts.
  • Step 3: Cross out the negative thoughts that you no longer want.
  • Step 4: Next, replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts by writing positive thoughts next to the thoughts you crossed out.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • “Is what I’m doing working?”
  • “Could I be doing it better?”
  • “Is there something that I should stop doing?”
  • “How do I limit myself?”

It would be wise to ask your parents, friends, coaches, teachers, etc. these questions because they might point to habits and behaviors you are not aware of.  The best option is to find your Breakthrough to Success which will improve every aspect of your life.

A great tip from Jack Canfield is,

If you want to change what you already say to yourself, you will have to constantly remind yourself of what you’d like to say.  Put the list next to your bed or tape to your bathroom mirror.  This will remind you each day of your new empowering self-statements.”

What is an empowering phrase that you can/do repeat to yourself daily?

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