Having trouble bypassing the secretary to have that conversation with a decision maker?

By using published books as your key, you’ll be able to enter any room you desire!

Some time ago I published an article on LinkedIn entitled, “Easily Bypass Gatekeepers – Guaranteed” . This article gives tens of thousands of dollars worth of information for you to become an authorpreneur and leverage a book as your best marketing asset.

An author is instantly perceived as an expert authority figure in the marketplace because of their added credibility.

An authorpreneur leverages this global perception to build any idea or business.

Learn more about the power of an authorpreneur by checking out my upcoming book, The One Minute Authorpreneur!

Bypassing Gatekeepers

With published books, all you need to do is leverage it and you’re in like Flynn. There are many ways I’ve successfully done this which you’re able to replicate too.

Once way is to mail the decision maker your book on a Thursday and then call them the following Thursday. When you mail it, think of it like a “Shock and Awe” package.

Another way is to call them and ask if you can interview them because you’re the author of this upcoming book.

From there, build rapport and you’ll be able to easily have another conversation with them again in the future.

Use it as a business card. When I’m out networking, I always use one of my books as a business card.

This is a very indirect approach with zero control. However, if you do this enough, you’re book will end up in the hands of someone who’ll make great things happen.


Make this your most successful year by becoming a published author. If you don’t know exactly what to do or how to do it, apply to Authorpreneur Academy because they have a systematical process for you to simply get it done.

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