A coach and mentor are there to help you succeed but there are times when firing a coach is more than necessary.

They’re suppose to be your guide and mental support. If not, firing a coach or mentor is in your near future.

I’ve had some great coaches and mentors, and then I’ve had some wicked bad ones disguised as being great. Without him knowing it, Richard Moore was the best mentor that I’ve ever had.

Through his Facebook posts, he still is. If it wasn’t for my health and feeling like I was wasting his energy, he’d still be my mentor.

Then I’ve had a few coaches who I thought were good but ended up using me for their own financial gain; while I lose thousands of dollars following their advice. Never again!

And this post is designed for you to not come close to making the same mistakes as I did.

1) All Talk, No Results

When you have a coach or mentor, the whole goal is to produce real world results.

I’m overly ashamed of myself for having a coach for over 4 years and produced nothing other than bankruptcy while they made tens of thousands of dollars from my knowledge.

If you’re not moving forward in life, then there’s zero reason to ever work with that individual again.

2) They Never Did It

I’ve had a coach who never did anything remotely close to doing anything that can be called successful. Yet, I didn’t know better.

A coach is not a teacher. A teacher can’t do anything with the information except regurgitate what’s in a text book.

A mentor already did it many times over successfully.

A coach asks questions to get you to come up with the answers to succeed. Also being in mini consultant by passing knowledge forward.

If their previous clients never obtained massive results, why the hell did I believe I was going to be the special one? Don’t be as stupid as me!

3) Proprietary Information

Lesson learned for me on this. Any time you work with a mentor, coach, trainer, or consultant, have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Now they can’t steal your information for their own personal financial gain. As I already mentioned, one person made a lot of money off me while I lost everything I had.

Then there was the time that the person learned something from me and started using it with the other clients without my permission.

It’s a small world and I know a lot of people who talk.

4) No Respect

Actions speak louder than words. BIG TIME! Your coach or mentor can tell you how much they respect you over and over again but their actions are crystal clear; you mean nothing to them.

I’ve had another coach I spent a little too much time with as a client who showed their true colors at an event. Throughout the whole thing, from before it started to the moment it ended, there were over five specific instances where it was blatantly obvious there was zero respect for me.

I should have walked the very first moment I noticed true colors, but didn’t.

5) B*tching

Ever listen to someone cry about someone else? What about listening to someone talk bad about another individual who’s not even there to defend themselves?

If any authority figure ever does this again in my life, I’m calling them out. No coach/mentor should do this because it’s from the playbook of the weakest in the world.

You’re not talking to this person for them to use you for bitching, you’re with them for YOU to succeed. They either need to seek psychological help, quit their practice, or both. But first, fire them immediately!


If you have a coach or mentor who resembles anything mentioned above, fire them immediately. Call or email them right now.

The sooner you get them out of your life, the more progress you’ll make with someone else.

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