Indeed, responsibility is your choice and yours alone. Start taking responsibility for your actions at once!

Ever place blame on something or someone else for your actions?

Turn on the TV and simply walk outside and pay attention. It’s a rare occurrence for people to be 100% responsible for their lives. I’m still unsure who they’re forcing to take control of their life, but I refuse that person to be me.

Just like me, you can simply choose to be responsible for everything in your life.

You may have placed blame on:

  • parents
  • friends
  • MTV
  • weather
  • brothers/sisters
  • politics
  • news

The Success Principles  states that taking responsibility is,

…take control of our thoughts and our actions, and do whatever we can to improve the situation.”

Life will  have crazy surprises for you which may make your life  difficult.

To be successful one MUST AVOID:

  • Dwelling on Past
  • Complaining
  • Making Excuses
  • Blaming others
  • Whining

The truth is, success starts with one person…that person is you!”

Responsibility is Your Choice – Seriously!

Have you noticed yet that those who aren’t responsible for their own lives are also sick all the time? Have you noticed they never have enough money for anything they want to do?

To me, it’s hilarious. They’re purposefully choosing the victimhood mentality so they have something to cry about and someone else to blame.

I’d rather not stoop that low again. I lived like that for the first 26 years of my life. Looking back, I lived an exclusively useless life until that point. It wasn’t until I dove deep into personal development which was when everything changed for me – as it will for you!

Bottom line, just take responsibility for 110% of everything in your world … even if a plane crashes down the block; that’s your responsibility now!

Where to Start

Obviously, just like everything else, it all starts in your mind. At any moment in time, responsibility is your choice! Make that decision.

There are numerous books and seminars I attend, study, and live in which you might want to check out for yourself too.

Want my opinion? Bob Proctor’s videos online saved my life AFTER I attempted suicide. Jack Canfield change the direction of my life. Now, that same information I’m using to achieve success in business. Brian Tracy? His information is simply phenomenal.

Best wishes to you taking responsibility for your life!

Share how you are taking control of your life?

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