Submodalities use the basic language of the mind to change the way we encode our basic thoughts and ideas. To change the way we feel about things, we can change what our thoughts mean by simply changing the submodalities of our thoughts.

Think of your mind as a computer, whether that be a PC or a mac.  You can even be an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or an Android.  Whatever operating system it is that you have, all computers are programmed with “1’s and 0’s”.  That coding is your submodalities which make up the programming language of our internal processing.

Submodalities gives us specific meaning to all of our Internal Representations.

There are 5 major techniques in NLP that utilize submodalities:

Contrastive Analysis:

This is when you begin finding the drivers or critical submodalities by comparing the two Internal Representations and notice the differences between them. It is like comparing ice cream to yogurt.  There are differences and you should be able to find them and notice the differences.

Mapping Across aka “Like to Dislike”:

Utilizing the contrastive analysis, you can shift the drivers and end up changing the meaning of one Internal Representation to the other.  Lets say that you like ice cream and dislike yogurt, by shifting the drivers of ice cream to those of yogurt, you will now perceive ice cream as yogurt and dislike it.

Swish Patterns:

This technique conditions your mind to favor one behavior or Internal Representation over another picture.  This will help you to change minor states or behaviors. You can use this for unwanted behaviors such as biting your nails to a more desired behavior like brushing your hands through you hair.

Dissociative Technique:

When you shift viewpoints to a birds eye view, you are viewing an Internal Representation from a dissociated position which reduces the negative emotion on a memory.  This will reduce the negative feelings of the memory so you are able to think about it and work to overcome what that memory did.

Perceptual Positions:

You can view a specific Internal Representation from one of three different perceptions. The first is associated which is looking through your own eyes. The second is from a third persons perspective which is looking through another person’s eyes who was a significant person in the event. The third is disassociated which is observing the entire scene from a birds eye view.

Using submodalities, you are able to change your perception on how you view certain things in your life and inevitably, change your life for the better.

Use these examples to improve your life!

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