The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was written by Dr. Stephen Covey in 1989. This incredible book is not even close to being outdated.  Through his experience after that he came across The 8th Habit; From Effectiveness to Greatness.

If you’re a leader or manager, this is the book for you. Even though I don’t have a staff right now, I couldn’t be happier that I read The 8th Habit – and will do it many more times again.

New Reality

  • Complete Fulfillment
  • Passionately Take Action
  • Significantly Contribute

8th Habit Adds

  • Find Your Voice
  • Inspire Others
  • Leadership Tactics

What is “Voice”?

  • Hope and Intelligence
  • Resilient by Nature
  • Unlimited Potential to Serve

Once you find your “Voice” and help others to express theirs, you’ll drastically impact the future of the world as a whole, especially your group or organization.

What You’ll Learn from The 8th Habit

The main concept is the need for the application of the whole person. We can discover our own voice because of these three gifts everyone is naturally born with:

  1. Freedom to choose for yourself
  2. Natural laws and principles that determine the consequences of our behaviors
  3. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies

Lesson 1: Gift of the ability to choose.

You’re free to choose how you react to the situations you’ll encounter in life. Since we can’t control what happens, we’re able to decide our reactions.

Great achievers express their voice intelligently:

  • Mental energy = vision (aka IQ)
  • Physical energy = discipline (aka habits)
  • Emotional energy = passion (aka EQ)
  • Spiritual energy = conscience (aka moral compass)

Lesson 2: Be nice, apologize, and deliver your promises.

Communication is easier when the relationship is built on, and based upon, trust. More trust in each other will equate to being comfortable speaking your voice. A trust based relationship allows room for you to not only actually think about the other persons words, but the likelihood you’ll accept them increases.

Trust builds three ways:

  1. Follow through with your word
  2. Be Friendly
  3. Apologize

Lesson 3: Empower others by giving them responsibilities.

To empower others, simply give them power. Continuously extend more and more responsibilities to your employees. This will make them more motivated and will allow them to trust future decisions.


Brainstorm WITH YOUR TEAM how they can be more open and express their voice, hold each other accountable, and to help make important decisions.

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How have you helped others find their voice?

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