The book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Dr. Stephen Covey was published in 1989 and is not even close to being outdated.  Through his experience however, he came across what terms as The 8th Habit; Going from effectiveness to greatness.

He still backs up his original 7 Habits by saying that:

  • The greater the change and more difficult the challenges, the more relevant they become
  • The 7 Habits are about becoming highly effective
  • They represent a complete framework of timeless principles of character and human effectiveness

There is a new reality in this modern age:

  • Fulfillment
  • Passionate Execution
  • Significant Contribution

What does the 8th Habit add?

  • Find Your Voice
  • Inspire Others To Find Theirs

What is Voice?

  • Full of Hope and Intelligence
  • Resilient by Nature
  • Unlimited Potential to Serve the Greater Good

You have a Voice which can, and will thrive, and drastically impact the future of the world – if you allow it to in both you and others.

How have you helped others find their voice?

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