Goal Setting can be very stressful and even undesired by many people.  There are so many reasons as to why people do not write goals — or even us the word, goals.

If you do not like goals, why not substitute the word with something that will resonate within you:

  • Optimal Outcome
  • Path
  • Journey
  • Destination
  • Process
  • Dream
  • Idea
  • Desired Results

Some people do not like any of these because they feel like it will set them up for failure and disappointment.

They feel this way because a good goal is something that when you achieve it, it will blow your mind away.  A good goal is something that you should not reach 100% of your desired results 100% of the time.

If you are always hitting 100% of your desired outcome, then your goal was not set high enough.  There needs to be

  • Struggle
  • Failure
  • Learnings
  • Success
  • Personal Growth

A great reference of success with your goal is to accomplish 90% of what your original goal was.  By reaching 90% of the goal, you became a success and learned a lot along the way.

For example:

If your goal is to make $100,000 in a year — you succeeded at not only reaching your goal, but writing a good goal if you earn $90,000 in that year.

Some people may already be making close to $100,000 in a year, so this goal would not be a good one.  What number would stretch you?  Making $250,000 a year?

Writing the Big Goals

  1. When writing goals, NEVER use the SMART Goals Formula
  2. It should be something you truly want
  3. Your goal should inspire and motivate you
  4. The goal probably will scare you
  5. “Make the goal so big that when you achieve it, it will blow your mind.” – W. Clement Stone
  6. To obtain your desired results, you will have to go outside your comfort zone
  7. If you are new to goal setting, start small — as in, 2 week goals — eventually you will be making 5 year goals
  8. Celebrate your daily success — every time you achieve something, congratulate yourself
  9. Plan out your daily action steps the night before to sleep easier and be more efficient
  10. Read them often — at minimum, right when you wake up and again before bed

What goal will blow your mind when you achieve it?

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