From Think and Grow Rich my favorite quote is:

What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”
Napoleon Hill ~

Think and Grow Rich delivers teachings which are still relevant today even though the original book was published in 1937.

This is one book that’s considered a cliche. When asking someone who’s successful what books they recommend, this extraordinary book is assumed and most will overlook it because of that assumption. It goes without being said that if you have any desire to obtain in life, you’ve read Think and Grow Rich numerous times.

Background: Andrew Carnegie made his fortune by creating and selling U.S. Steel Company. Afterwards, Mr. Carnegie was doing Law of Attraction seminars teaching people how to do what he did.

During one particular seminar, he noticed Napoleon Hill and proposed to him that he should study the world’s most successful people for the next 20 years on his dime. The rest is history!

After interviewing hundreds of successful people Napoleon Hill published the world’s greatest book on success. Think and Grow Rich became a bestseller and is noted as a book that’s produced more millionaires than any other book.

The Classic, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich will inspire you to believe you can do anything, since anything and everything is possible as long as you can see it in your mind. Everything in this world first started as an idea. Once you have that world changing idea, it takes effort to make it reality.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.”
– Henry Ford

You can achieve anything you want to. Think and Grow Rich will help put you on the right path of thinking.

13 Steps Towards Riches + 2 Bonus Chapters

There are so many different versions of this book since it was originally published. The quotes and snippets you’ll read below are coming from the original manuscript “Points to Pin Down” at the end of each chapter – I honestly have no idea what’s in the other versions but can assume that they’re very closely relatable.

Thoughts Are Things

The power that signals success is the power of your mind. How to make life say YES instead of NO to your plans and your ambitions.

  • A man can be poorly dressed and penniless, yet his burning desire can bring him the opportunity of a lifetime.
  • The longer you work in the right direction, the close you are to success. Too many men give up when success is within their grasp. They leave it for someone else to capture.
  • Purpose is the touchstone of any accomplishment, large or small. A strong man can be defeated by a child who has a purpose. Shift your habits of thinking about the significance of your task and you can often accomplish the seemingly impossible.
  • Like Henry Ford, you can transmit your own faith and persistence to others and get the “impossible” done well.
  • Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!

Step 1 Towards Riches: Desire

Dreams come true when desire transforms them into concrete action. Ask life for great gifts and you encourage life to deliver them to you.

  • When desire focuses great forces toward your victory, you do not need any way to retreat; victory is certain.
  • Desire builds new victory out of temporary defeat. It was desire that built one of the world’s greatest department stores literally upon ashes.
  • A boy without ears learned to hear. A woman with “no chance” became a great opera singer. A sick man whom the doctors expected to die pulled through safely. Desire was the force that aided these people with some strange but natural “mental chemistry.”
  • There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge.

Step 2 Towards Riches: Faith

Directed faith makes every thought crackle with power. You can rise to limitless heights, impelled by the lifting force of your might new self-confidence.

  • Faith is indispensable for success. Faith is induced and strengthened by instructions you give to your subconscious mind.
  • You can think yourself into disaster or think yourself into victory and happiness–as the result of the very same circumstances.
  • Men like Lincoln and Gandhi show us how thoughts can carry a “magnetism” which attracts related thoughts, make millions of minds work as one mind.
  • It is essential to give before you get. Rich men had to learn this before piratical business could be turned into business that works with and for the public, yet is still profitable.
  • Both very and riches are the offspring of faith.

Step 3 Towards Riches: Autosuggestion

For amazing results, get the deepest part of your mind to go to work for you. Back this with emotion power and the combination is terrific.

  • You have a 6th sense–but you need only you 5 ordinary sense to control the thoughts that reach your subconscious mind. Once you do this, the subconscious drive toward prosperity leaves no room for poverty.
  • When your emotions help you actually to see and feel money in your hands, money can come from sources never before available. Set your goal as a definite amount and make it big. Set a time limit as well.
  • When your subconscious gives you a plan, start immediately to work the plan. Inspiration is precious and must be used at once. “Waiting for the right time” can defeat you.
  • Every adversity carries with it the seeds of a greater benefit.

Step 4 Towards Riches: Specialized Knowledge

Your education is what you make it, and you can find the knowledge that takes you where you want to go. You don’t start at the bottom when you follow this simple plan.

  • Knowledge is only potential power. You can organize your knowledge to give you definite plans of action directed toward a definite end.
  • Open your mind to the education that comes from experience and from contact with other minds. Henry Ford was “ignorant” enough to make a fortune.
  • Knowledge is easy to acquire.
  • If you are not ready to sell a product, you can sell your services or your ideas at a very good price. Men past 60 have been highly successful in doing this. The plan has given a big upward boost to thousands of self-disciplined people.
  • Knowledge paves the road to riches–when you know which road to take.

Step 5 Towards Riches: Imagination

All the “break” you need in life wait within your imagination. Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind-energy into accomplishment and wealth.

  • You can use synthetic imagination and creative imagination, and with practice you make them work irresistibly together.
  • Imagination is the missing ingredient in many failures, the catalyst of many successes. Asa Candle didn’t invent to formula for Coca-Cola; he supplied the imagination which turned a formula into a fortune.
  • Money without limit waits for you when you want it in definite amounts for a definite, imagination-backed purpose. This principle secured a million dollars for a clergyman who merely asked for it.
  • Many fortunes waits to be made with a simple idea. See how you man win thousands or millions even without an original plan–by coming up with a new combination.
  • The finest tool still needs a man who knows how to use it.

Step 6 Towards Riches: Organized Planning

Your introduction to the electric secret of the Master Mind. You can find your own best field of work and become a leader and high money-maker in an amazingly short time.

  • Four dynamic principles guide you in forming a “Master Mind” group which vastly expands you money-making power.
  • You can choose people who inspire you, share mind power with you, reflect and magnify your own great faith.
  • Exploit 11 secrets of successful leadership; 10 reasons why would-be leaders fail; rise far above any negative influences you see; 6 fields for new leadership, and 5 ways to get a good job in any filed you wish.
  • Write a brief, or resume according to the plan give here and doors open for you, employers invite you to take important, well-paid jobs.
  • American prosperity is built on capital, not too different, in principle, from the illimitable capital you carry within yourself.
  • Success requires no explanations. Failure permits no alibis.

Step 7 Towards Riches: Decision

You see how to crystallize opinion into decision and proceed on that decision. You understand how and when to change a decision for greater benefit and profit.

  • Lack of decision is a major cause of failure. Everyone has an opinion, but in the end it’s your opinion that swings your world.
  • A made-up mind attunes itself to tremendous power. Indecision often begins in youth; how to avoid it and help others avoid it.
  • Analyze the events which have led to great decisions, and you give yourself a lifelong guide to decided and effective action in every part of your life.
  • A great desire for freedom brings freedom; a great desire for wealth brings wealth.
  • Every powerful man has himself within his own power.

Step 8 Towards Riches: Persistence

You recognize and sweep aside certain weaknesses which stand between you and your goals. Your persistence develops into a respected, proved, progressive power.

  • Persistence changes a man’s character as carbon changes brittle iron into invincible steel. With persistence you develop a magical quotient of money consciousness, and your subconscious mind is at work continuously to get you the money you acquire.
  • An 8-point persistence inventory shows you where to build persistence within yourself. 8 areas for special training provide pin-pointed targets for your persistence.
  • 4 simple steps lead to the habit of persistence, also fend off any negative or discouraging influences which may have affected you until now.
  • What where the going gets tough; you’ll see how the tough get going.

Step 9 Towards Riches: Power of the Master Mind

An economic principle and a psychic principle give you a remarkable co-operative alliance. Master-mind power helps you accumulate money and keep your money growing.

  • Andrew Carnegie’s greatest contribution to personal and business success–the Master Mind–is yours to use as you desire. It is the master way to use organized and directed knowledge as a road to lifelong power.
  • The human mind is a form of energy. When two or more minds cooperate in harmony, they form a great “bank” of energy, plus a third, invisible force which can be likened to a Master Mind.
  • It is necessary to plan and to organize in order to get rich. Staying poor is very easy; poverty needs no plan.
  • 3 major sources of accumulated mind power stand ready to aid you. They can be used at will by those who know how to use them–as you do now.
  • Happiness is found in doing, not merely in possessing.

Step 10 Towards Riches: The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

You see how any man can direct his great reservoir of sex energy in helping his prosperity drive. You understand how women help men become successful, and how to take full advantage of this ancient truth.

  • Two amazing fact about sex energy give you new insight into this vast source of personal power. Sex energy can be a source of genius just as potent as Thomas Edison’s or Andrew Jackson’s.
  • Sec energy stands behind your enthusiasm, creative imagination, intense desire, persistence, and all other qualities which can make you rich and happy.
  • You help yourself find the exalted plane of thought which can give you priceless “hunches.” You can tune-in on other people’s subconscious storehouse of ideas.
  • The great secret of every gifted inventor now goes to work for you in two simple but startling stages. You see too that even reason may not help you so much as you are helped and guided by sex energy–never denied its natural expression–but also used in a way that many men discover too late.
  • In the sources of every vital power lie the sources of endless wealth.

Step 11 Towards Riches: The Subconscious Mind

You see how your subconscious mind waits like a sleeping giant to back up every plan and purpose. At last you can fill your subconscious with positively-directed thoughts that bring anything you want in life.

  • Your subconscious mind can feed upon random thoughts–upon thoughts of defeat–or upon thoughts of success and riches. The choice is yours; the results can make you or break you.
  • You recognize 7 major negative emotions and make sure they cannot possibly take root in your mind. At the same time, you recognize and firmly harness your all-important positive emotions.
  • Beyond your own mind lies an Infinite Intelligence to which your mind can be tuned like a radio set, both sending and receiving. The energy of the entire universe can help your prayers be answered.
  • Day by day you build your power to use your mighty subconscious. Soon you control the primal impulses which stand behind every plan and every piece of work.
  • A man is as big as the measure of his thinking.

Step 12 Towards Riches: The Brain

You find amazing new powers in every part of your mind. You see how to step up these powers of quick, clear, effective thinking.

  • 3 Simple principles now coordinate your powers of thought and accomplishment. Your new grip on the all-important intangibles can exert an influence denied to many men.
  • “Far Out” discoveries of mind science now become practical tools of your own self-improvement. You now command the key secret of the conference table.
  • Ten trillion tiny servants–every cell in your brain–form patterns of thought, imagination, and will. Your mind can gather in any amount of money-making knowledge.
  • Most people wish for riches, but fe provide the definite plan and the burning desire which pave the road to wealth.

Step 13 Towards Riches: The Sixth Sense

You open the door to the Temple of Wisdom. Glorious paths of creative adventure beckon on the road to wealth.

  • Inspirations and “hunches” no longer pass you by, now they flood you with dynamism through your Creative Imagination–your Sixth Sense.
  • The author chose Henry Ford and either other successful meant to become his “invisible counselors.” You can win your goals, just as he did, with the same startling method.
  • Now you are in touch with the unknown “something” which has stood steadfast for all great men of all time. It still works seeming miracles in the arts and sciences and in business of every kind.
  • If you major purpose is the accumulation of money or any other material thing, this chapter is especially important in guiding you.
  • The ladder of success is never crowded at the top.

The Six Ghosts of Fear

You take inventory of yourself, see if any remnants of fear are standing in your way. You Think and Grow Rich–because nothing, absolutely nothing, can stand in your way.

  • Fears are common and some of them are justified. But others can take root and grow without your knowing it–unless you get rid of the indecision and doubt which sow the seeds of fear.
  • The alibis you use tell a great deal about you. No more alibis need hold you back as you Think and Grow Rich.
  • You gather riches in money and you gather riches which cannot be measured in money–although your money helps you find happiness, long life, enjoyment, peace of mind.
  • The most valuable trees of all–good health–can be yours when you conquer fear and get rid of all the illness it can bring. The mightiest treasures of life are waiting for you to reach out and take them.
  • A fearless man thrives on far horizons.


Purchase the Think and Grow Rich paperback and read it daily for the next few years. Bob Proctor recommends to read the chapter on Persistence everyday for thirty days – doing this once every year!

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What is an idea/dream that you have which you would like to achieve?

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