Have you ever thought about throwing in the towel for a while when it comes to social media? I thought about it for years, then one day, I woke up and pulled the plug.

Unplugging social media for any duration is so much better than you realize. Waking up on Halloween 2017 I instantly wanted to disconnect for a while before I even touched my phone.

Initially, 90-days was the plan but after making my first Facebook post announcing it, a certain social media strategy popped into my head and I changed it to 60-days.

Can you do that? Wake up tomorrow and call it quits for 60 days? It’s so incredible that I can’t wait to do it again. With the strategy I thought of on the last day of October 2017 I’ll be “plugged in” for the whole 2018. So, 2019 is when I’ll go on another leave of absence unless I get an assistant before then.

I learned a lot about myself and technology without using it.

It’s amazing, the human race survived over 10,000 years without computers or social media. Then, it doesn’t even take 20 years and now people can’t function without it. Our brains are no longer developing naturally and it’s something I want back, a real human brain hahaha.

When I First Unplugged Social Media

The first 48 hours were rough. Even though I have a To-Do list that’s bigger than Mount Everest, there were times where I just sat there and stared at the wall for a long time because I didn’t know what to do; that time was designated to social media for years.

I developed such a habit of going on my phone and checking the ridiculous amount of social accounts I have and monitor. It was like coming off of an addiction with the drug right in your face the whole time.

On my phone, instead of deleting all the apps, I put all the social media apps in one folder that wasn’t meant for them. After opening that folder, I’d have to swipe four times just to get to the first social app. This helped drastically – out of sight, out of mind.

Since I never had any notifications, sounds, badges, etc. turned on prior to this, I was use to not seeing how many notifications I had so that never bothered me. In fact, seeing those little red notification badges bother me so much that nothing on my phone or tablet show me anything. If I want to see if I got a text message, I’ll open the app. A phone call is the only thing that makes noise or notifications on my phone now!

I F’d Up

Because unplugging social media was an impulsive decision, I didn’t have a thorough plan set up and all my followers were caught by surprise–I was caught by surprise. I bet most people never saw the post embedded in this article you see above.

Because I am someone who quickly replies to all my messages, I essentially trained a great deal of people to contact me via Facebook Messenger and LinkedIn which they still did while I was away.

Without checking it for almost two weeks, a friend called me and asked why I wasn’t responding to this group message relating to business. So I logged in to Facebook just to respond to that message and not even two minutes on there, a couple people called me out for being online haha – so the next few times I was called up and asked to check something, I did it as late as I could to avoid those messages!

The other thing I screwed up on was actually seeing it through to the end. I say this because this morning I started responding to everything and noticed I missed a lot of events and opportunities. Most likely, me not responding to someone for two months may have burned that bridge too. We’ll find out!

I Learned About Me

Without having major corporations, fake news outlets, and flawed opinions being forced upon me every day, I created a space for my brain to function as it was meant to.

I learned that the reason why I’ve been called arrogant, cocky, and pretentious is because I’m compensating for a lack of self-confidence. In certain areas of life I’m extremely confident and function as such. Then the areas I have little-to-no confidence, I’m an arrogant butt head. Unplugging from social media gave me the room to actually “see” this rather than always being so “busy”.

I learned that the reason why I’ve been called pretentious is because of my perceived lack of self-worth. Over the last 60-days, it became extremely clear that I am worth something to a lot of people outside of my family and close friends. So by unplugging, that gave me room to see that I do have a sense of worth. (No matter how much I did I still couldn’t get myself to see any worth in it until very recently.)

I learned that the reason why I’ve been called a passive/aggressive asshole is because of my lack of self-esteem. It’s amazing the life-long negative effect teachers have on an individual. Even though they believe that projecting their fears and dictating their flawed agenda on someone is coming from a place of the most messed up love I’ve heard of, authority figures can instantly destroy someones self-esteem because of any stupid reason they come up with. I was able to identify exactly which statements from teachers put me on my self-destructive path and now I am going to use 2018 to undo all that damage which teachers are still creating in millions of innocent youths today.

I learned that I still don’t like social media. Before writing this post, I spent hours responding to everything on all my accounts and platforms. I won’t be spending much time online any more…hopefully!

New Social Media Strategy

The day I called it quits for 60-days with social media, I had a plan of how to make this part of life a lot easier, less time consuming, and less destructive to my psyche.

The first and only rule I have is any political posts, I’m blocking that person. We’re not smart enough to post anything about politics since it’s the media’s job since the 60’s to lie to us. Never ever form an opinion again unless you can argue both sides better than the they can argue it themselves.

Starting later today, I will basically just be doing a daily Facebook Live pertaining to the teachings of Napoleon Hill. I chose to do this because his writings produced more successful people in the world than anyone else in history.

That’s it really, we’ll see how it goes with my following and with my personal energy levels.

What I Did With That Extra Time

Hours everyday became instantly available. After winning a lot of staring competitions with the walls in my house for a few days, I got to work like I planned, but didn’t plan.

Did I finish the online course for Authorpreneur Academy? Yes and no. I got it to the point where I’ll be 30 steps ahead which I am happy with even though I wanted it done by now.

I did however finish my upcoming book, The One Minute Authorpreneur!!

The Wellness Fair started their Monthly Wellness Mixer events which take place on the 3rd Saturday of every month. This initially took a lot of time because it’s never been done before and I had to create everything from scratch. There’s still work to be done but I’m happy this is finally taking off.

That’s really about it. My computer is acting up and instead of buying a new one, I used it to TRY to teach myself patience. When you make a click in a program that’s already running, how long does it take to load? Just waiting for my computer to do it’s job, I read a full book every two weeks instead of staring at the “hour glass” while the computer catches up to a simple click.

I still don’t have a new computer but now, the computer is faster because I ended up transferring then deleting over 400,000 files from the computer and all it’s software. I might as well buy a google chromebook now instead of another MacBook Pro.

Anywhooo, I accomplished a ton because of all the time social media was no longer taking from me. I set up a solid strategy for 2018 for two businesses and myself.

I now plan to only check social media and my emails once a day, twice if I’m expecting something from someone. I’d rather read book, stare at the wall, develop more online courses, write books, etc. There’s so much to life outside of social media, I’m going to experience it all!


Unplug for 24-hours, or if your mental health can hack it, unplug for months! Do it :)

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