Interviewing bestselling authors from all over the world obtains insider pro tips on how professionals from a variety of industries use a book to build business.

Anyone can upgrade their success by following the bread crumbs of well established authorpreneurs. It’s simple concepts, all it takes is doing the correct actions in the right order!

What I learned is that a book can be used for many different things to build business. Put it at the top of your sales funnel to attract new business or at the bottom as a product to sell. The most lucrative tactic is actively using the book at the top of the funnel.

After many conversations, interviews, trainings, reading books, experimenting on my own, and experimenting with my students, I couldn’t help but think of how to visual see a book as a Centrifugal Funnel.

Since this concept doesn’t exist yet, my definition of a Centrifugal Funnel is:

Any phase of business which promotes your other products/services. Whether it’s the top or bottom of a sales funnel, it’s a lead generator for everything in your business.

It’s also a learning tool to use with your other products and services.

Being the glue that keeps everything you do together, it’s the bridge to connect your products/services with the right person at the right time without having to go through a traditional funnel process.

When you have a book that relates to your business, it most definitely will attract business whether you use it at a marketing tool or a product. The best part of all this, you don’t even need to have a solid business in place nor do you have to believe you’re a real expert on the topic. By having a physical printed book, all of that will happen if you do the work!

If you want to be a true authorpreneur, use your book as a centrifugal funnel and cross promote as described below!

1) Book Distribution

There are numerous ways your can distribute your book in this 21st Century world. Whether it’s a paperback, hard cover, epub, mobi, pdf, or audiobook, you can sell or give them away. You can sell them to individuals, wholesalers, libraries, bookstores, organizations, and your following.

Using it as a lead capture on your website to build your email list, you can either give away the whole book or just some of your best chapters. Within all your ebook files, make sure you have live links for the reader to take action. If they join an email list from clicking a link in your book, make sure it’s a separate list than everyone else because these are your hottest leads ever!

If you talk to enough professional authors, most likely they will tell you to give away 1,000 free copies to individuals. DO NOT count the books you donate to charity organizations; it doesn’t count if you give a mass amount of books away at once. Focus on shaking the hands of 1,000 people and then give them a personalized signed copy with a smile on your face.

2) Remote Events

When you host your own, or be invited as a guest, you can use your book within webinars, conference calls, and telesummits. The book can be used as an outline, to fill these events, or you can sell the book at the end to earn an income while getting them deeper into your centrifugal sales funnel.

To use the book to fill these events, it goes back to the content in your book. What call-to-actions do you have? You can also use the book to get speaking engagements and then invite the audience to take the next step of attending your webinar.

Anytime you speak, whether it’s remote or live, use the content in your book as a guide. When talking, relate to the pages you’re speaking about. Selling without selling is the easiest way to sell. If you deliver your best content and refer to your book when you do, they will ask how they can get a copy.

3) Online Programs

Earning a passive income is the new hot topic with entrepreneurs and MLM companies. Yes, a book can do that, but an evergreen online course will do it to since this is within your centrifugal funnel as well. You can make your whole book into one course and then break it down into different courses for each chapter.

What I do is every single student I work with, I use the Authorpreneur Academy Online Course as a guide. Whether they chose to do the DIY or work one-on-one with me, this online course is a tool to dive deeper into the book.

For those students who join the online program and don’t have your book, sell the book within the course. You can even wait until they successfully complete the program and then give them a discount code as a congratulations – these are hot leads too!

4) Live Events

I have a lot of mentors. There isn’t one mentor that I know of out there who would advise against you doing live events. It doesn’t matter if you host them or are a guest speaker, start doing live events. From seminars, workshops, conferences, and keynote speaking, you can influence many people at once.

Depending on the size of your balls and what the event organizer allows, there are thousands of ways to use your book on stage to get a huge line at your table in the back of the room.

As you may already know, one of my Top 5 Strengths is Significance, to be seen as an expert and be recognized. In 2016 I was speaking at an event and gave everyone a free copy of I AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers; something I always do. While presenting I got the idea to sell my signature, and now that’s what I do. Give everyone a free copy to ignite the Law of Reciprocity and ask them to buy a little bit of ink from my pen.

5) Consulting Engagements

The better the secretary, the more I believe they were summoned from the pits of hell to be the gatekeeper for someone I need to talk to. A phenomenal secretary would never let any of us get in contact with their boss…unless you’re a published author.

A book can get you a speaking engagement where someone in the audience could hire you as a consultant. The same book can get you media interviews where a consulting contract can be made by a listener who contacts you. To purposefully acquire a consulting contract with a company who has a “great” gatekeeper, use the perception the world has with authors to schedule a 10 minute phone call.

The other day I was invited to a Milwaukee Business Journal event by a bestselling author who was presenting. I was one of two entrepreneurs in the room. I shared space with employees from some of the biggest corporations in the area like Harley Davidson and Northwestern Mutual. Dave Molenda gave excellent actionable information but would briefly mention “this is what I do with [sales] teams in companies.” Do you think that line after giving great information got him his next consulting contract?

6) Coaching Programs

The book can attract clients to your programs and you may even use your book as a resource within the program. This can be one-on-one coaching or group coaching. However you want to offer your services to build business.

During these sessions you’re able to have direct contact with your ideal reader. Being open to receiving feedback and allowing them room to voice their honest opinions, they will happily give you content to either update your book for the second edition, or most likely, tell you exactly what your next book should be about.

These coaching programs allow you to build rapport and create a loyal following. The more you use the book here, the more likely it is that they’ll fall in love with the content and tell everyone they know.

7) Certification Programs

Ever think about scaling and expanding your business because you really want a passive income? This is where you can do that and a book is the best way to make it happen.

If you created your own coaching/training programs, why not certify others to teach it too? This can be done through franchising or using associates to build business. Speak to a business lawyer and CPA to know what’s best for you.

On the other hand, Jack Canfield offers a a training certification program for his Breakthrough to Success program. He uses his book The Success Principles for this. Instead of having them pay monthly royalties to maintain the certification, it’s just a one time expensive fee.

8) Mastermind Groups

People have destroyed this concept to the point of completed destruction. When someone invites me to a mastermind, I now never expect it to be anything like a real mastermind. If you’re going to do one, don’t bastardize it like everyone else. Make it a real mastermind then call it that. Having an accountability or brainstorming group, call it that.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, Think & Grow Rich, he lays out what a real mastermind should be. Do it this way or don’t call it a mastermind.

You can set it up to have prerequisites in order to be able to attend or you can allow anyone who has the money, time, and passion to join too. However you want to do it is perfect for you. Keeping the group to less than 8 people and once a month, you’re able to have many different mastermind groups full because you used your book to get them there.


Step outside your comfort zone and catapult your dreams! If you already have a book, pick one concept and master it.

If you don’t have a book, write one and publish it within the next 60 days. Not sure where to start? I challenge you to complete this application and I’ll train you personally to build business with a published book!

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