Who would have thought the Worst Book Ever Written would become a #1 Bestselling book on amazon? This goes to prove that when you put your mind to do something, anything is possible!

Even with all the great books I published, the one I did as a complete joke is the first to make #1 on amazon?

It’s the Worst Book Ever Written made it to #1 and stayed there for over a week!

How did I do that?

While working on a project last year, the idea came to write a piece of junk. 45-minutes later I submitted the cover, manuscript, and kindle to be published on CreateSpace.

Over the last few years I learned the theory behind making a book an amazon best seller. This is the biggest joke of everything and I proved that!

All you need to do is get more activity on your book in a one hour window than all the other books in that category. Simple!

The trick that I used was begging people not to buy it for months and then asked people to help me become a bestseller. Even simpler!

Please Insult Me

With all the weak people in the world, receiving heinous insults makes this book that much more fun to me.

As of today, twenty people went on amazon and gave me the most gruesome insults that’ll bring a smile to anyone’s face.

I ask for people to leave an offensive review which would be the worst thing someone could ever tell an author. Why? If you ever get bad feedback, go check out my reviews and realize it’s not that bad.

Challenge Yourself

Go out and face your fears. Public humiliation isn’t a fear of mine anymore. I actually enjoy it now!

Within the next 7-days, go do one thing that’s uncomfortable for you to experience. By doing this consistently, you’ll become a stronger individual to do whatever you desire later in life!

This post is actually a challenge to myself. I’m not fearful of blogging. I just want it to become habit again. So for the next 28 days I’ll be making daily posts about whatever I think of at the time.

Until tomorrow!

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