Every professional has their own tricks-of-the-trade and the writing tools of an authorpreneur is no different. You won’t be able to hack it in the real world with tools you received in the education system. This applies to nearly every facet of real life!

The writing tools I’m referring to have been recommended to me in nearly every online course, live training’s, and workshops. Not one of these is something I thought about using on my own, but rather was passed down to me from some of the worlds greatest authorpreneurs.

According to Urban Dictionary, an authorpreneur is:

An author who creates a written product, participates in creating their own brand, and actively promotes that brand through a variety of outlets.

Since 2012 I’ve challenged myself to learn how to become a publisher after bookstores wouldn’t accept my first book I AM – Children’s Book for Positive Thinkers because it didn’t have a spine. No big deal! The book is good enough to be on the personal bookshelf of Bob Proctor, that’s all I need to know!

Because numerous local publishers don’t publish the type of material I create, after numerous bookstores denied my “spineless” book, after investing tens of thousands of dollars learning the writing and publishing industry, after thousands upon thousands of grueling hours experimenting, after the shittiest book I ever thought of became #1 bestseller, I finally developed Authorpreneur Academy to help others build a business using a book as their best marketing asset.

Within the academy there are many writing tools recommended. Here are the ones I personally recommend:

1) Scrivener

Since I downloaded Scrivener, I never use Microsoft Word anymore. Scrivener is the most powerful writing tool on the planet. It’s so robust I do not recommend getting the free version because you won’t figure it out in 30 days.

That is unless you make it your job to do so. Just buy it because it’s phenomenal. They even have a version for PC and one for Mac users. I do nearly everything in this, more than just writing.

2) Google Docs

I love cloud based platforms because computers crash, break, get lost/stolen, and are not always reliable. When creating files in Google Drive, they update and save every couple seconds.

The interactivity you can do with a team, editors, formatting, etc. can all be done easily and effortlessly in drive.

Even if you don’t like the facts that google is super liberal, caters to the weak, and is stomping out the first amendment for Americans, they have so many amazing tools for writers and businesses it becomes easy to look away from the values they represent.

3) Evernote

Don’t have Evernote yet? What a powerful and robust workflow system. It’s great to use for research, planning, writing, and sharing.

Just like google, it’s a cloud based service to where if something happened to your device in the middle of writing, it will all be there waiting for you when you log in on something else.

What I like most about this writing tool is how you’re able to organize everything in one simple place – it integrates with Google Drive like a glove.

Challenge w/ Writing Tools

Out of these three writing tools, pick just one and use it for 30 days with everything you create; not just writing your book or blog. All three of them can be used to make every area of your life easier and more efficient!

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