Living your life the way you want to live does not mean:

  • Be selfish
  • Only do the things you want to do
  • Stop doing chores
  • Stop helping your family and friends

You must do these in order to keep people in your life and have them respect you, look up to you, rely on you, etc.

These things will keep people in your life that you want to keep in your life

What is listed below comes from The Success Principles describing events where other people will try to live their life through you keeping you away from your true calling:

  • Going into a certain field, like doctor/lawyer/business/art,  just because Dad/Mom wanted you to
  • Getting married at or before a certain age to please you Mom/Dad
  • Putting aside your passion to get a “real job” because your passion isn’t “practical”
  • Taking a job for the money rather than doing something that you know will make you happy
  • Majoring in a certain field because a counselor chose it for you

More often than not, when I ask someone what it is they want to do they answer with an “I don’t know”.

They say this because they have become numb to their own desires because of the people in their life are filling their heads with expectations that are against who they truly are.

When you live out someone else’s dreams your vocabulary will be filled with:

  • Should have…
  • Would have…
  • Could have…
  • REGRETS!!!

Listening to other people and getting advice is very important, but never abandon your true passions to live the dreams other people have for you.  If you ignore what your heart is telling you, then you may miss out on some great things life has to offer.”

What dream are you currently pursuing that are not yours?

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