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I guide entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, and other organizations to gain more visibility by harnessing the power of digital marketing!

There’s a plethora of confusing and contradictory information out there about how to increase your marketing reach to attract more business. Even more so, it’s hard to determine what to take action on now and prioritize for later. I’m here for you to learn how to make an impact while building your business in the easiest, quickest, and most cost-effective way possible. My goal is to teach you exactly what you need to implement and how to do it easily and effortlessly! Для тех, кто предпочитает использовать мобильный браузер, доступ к также можно получить через наш мобильный веб-сайт.

I’m going to give you the tools and tactics to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level!

Hi, I’m Lucas! In the last few years I’ve helped 100+ people become published authors after teaching myself how to do it myself. I’ve trained countless of entrepreneurs and groups on digital marketing and consulted for many organizations to increase their performance. I’ve spoken to a lot of groups and occasionally instruct at the UW-Milwaukee School of Continuing Education. You can read my articles on many different platforms throughout the web. Your success is my top priority!


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As an entertaining an dynamic speaker, I cover many different topics which will put tears in your eyes and then a smile on your face. As a consultant I can help your corporation or organization strategize and implement the newest digital marketing tactics and strategies to dominate your market. Click the ‘Speaking/Consulting’ button below and discover how I can, and will, implement innovation and ingenuity within your company to make a lasting impact on your ideal clients.

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Being a solopreneur and starting from rock bottom, I know first-hand what the struggle is like to build a business and still have a personal life. Whether you’re seeking marketing, scaling, product development, or strategizing, building your business to sell is our end game (even if you’ll never sell). Click the purple button below to learn how I can help entrepreneurs and small businesses with less than 30 employees increase their overall performance.

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Whether its authorship, business related, digital marketing, personal development, or health & wellness; I have the perfect book for you. Obtain your optimal desired outcomes with the guidance from one of my many published books. You have the option to instantly download either a free or paid pdf directly from my website or you can purchase a physical paperback by following the provided links to Amazon. However you go about doing it, know that you’re making the right decision!